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Resident Alien
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Resident Alien

Resident Alien is a dark, twisted and comedic fish-out-of-water story that follows a crash-landed alien named Harry who, after taking on the identity of a small-town Colorado doctor, slowly begins to wrestle with the moral dilemma of his secret mission on Earth - ultimately asking the question, "Are human beings worth saving?"

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Wed Apr 03, 2024
8 (of 8 ordered)

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Airs on:
SyFy, US at 10:00 pm
44 min.
Returning Series
Created by:
4.38/5 (266 ratings)
More Info:
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as Harry Vanderspiegel
as Asta Twelvetrees
as Sheriff Mike "Big Black" Thompson
as D'arcy Bloom
as Mayor Ben Hawthorne
as Deputy Liv Baker
as Max Hawthorne


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Latest comments

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by posted
Aha yes, the whole scene with the sheriff, Liv and her grandma, so good.
A really well done episode, loved it.

oh shit, no, I just remembered, there was a gay scene, so woke, ruined episode. absolute dogshit episode.
Anyone that enjoyed it is weird.
by posted
The show still has its moments, especially those having to do with the plot to trigger a genocidal volcanic eruption. You can't trust those damn greys.
by posted
Suasor said:
Woke me up when this discussion is over...

Woke me up before you go go. :D

I'm done...

Please resume discussing the show.
by posted
Woke me up when this discussion is over...
by posted
BigZ said:

Go back to your wokeness and live a happy life ;)

Not "woke". It's not "woke" if one has always known.
by posted
BigZ said:

I was not offended by anything, and I wanted to defend that.
Again, just think this woke-stuff has gone too far.

For a surprisingly reflected take on this, considering the source, watch South Park season 19 episode 1. Also some of the following ones if you feel like it.

Point is: you trying to point this out cannot possibly benefit anyone who actually needs it. But it can, very easily, directly or at least indirectly harm people. That's why most of us gave up on it long ago. It's just a net loss for everyone.

Resident Alien: Syfy is, once again, dragging their feet in international markets. Even the ones where a branch of the channel actually exists. Now, I wonder once again, why could piracy be a thing? Ffs...
by posted
z1rra said:
Please lets not turn another thread into this degeneracy just because you saw a gay couple. They had like 10 seconds of screen time, please try and relax. You already made 3 comments about it saying how you're not offended by it, but...

I was not offended by anything, and I wanted to defend that.
Again, just think this woke-stuff has gone too far.
Everyone must be included, everytime and everywhere, all the time...
Say what you like, but I find it forced and somewhat exhausting (for lack of a better word)
A lot of my friends have also mentioned this several times.

With the gay couple in that episode, I reacted on the bad acted and overenthusiastic introduction of them. Like "HI!! We also include a gay couple in this series."

I'm done now... Promise I will not mention it anymore. :)
Go back to your wokeness and live a happy life ;)
by posted
I dropped it soon after
...the boy snuck on board the space ship.

I just lost my interest in it.