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The show follows the character of Emily Thorne who returns to the Hamptons with one firm goal to get revenge on those responsible of destroying her family.

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Aired on:
60 min.
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4.15/5 (39 ratings)
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as Emily Rebecca Thorne
as Nolan Ross
as Jack Porter
as Victoria Grayson
as Daniel Grayson
as Charlotte Grayson
as Conrad Grayson
as Ashley Davenport
as David Clarke


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Latest comments

Post New
by posted
she forgot Mason
by posted
yep have dropped it as well
by posted
i dropped it after this last episode...yawn...
by posted
I dropped it during season 2, glad of that.
by posted
At this point, I lost track of who knows what but "public", no. Some knows or suspect (I think).

Overall, it fell into the ultimate cliché where everything happens to the same people (like nobody has anything normal between breakfast and dinner) and everybody has 25 horrible skeletons from their past.

There was a plan, the writers lost it when it got renewed.
by posted
I dropped it earlier this season. Good to see I made the right choice.

Since you have seen the newest episode has the truth about who Emily is finally been made public? Story could have went somewhere had that dropped in season two and they not do that mass conspiracy storyline. Oh and the fiance should of died in season one on the beach.
by posted
Dropping this. It's going nowhere except round and round and round each time more sordid and unbelievable than the last circle of already unbelievable little cliffhangers that you can't digest anymore.

It's like a Days of our Lives with a bigger budget.

And now that I think of it, there's not a single character left that is even worth rooting for except maybe Nolan but then again.

It should've stopped after the first season wich was decent and had a purpose, 2 at best. Now it's just stupid.

Coming up next week :

- I am your mother
- That's impossible, I am your father
- No he's your father
- My brother ?
- Ew no, the other valet
- I am a Ninja
- I am a Ninja Turtle
- wtf?
by posted
Only good thing of this finale is that last moment (well, just before the last scene). At least that charade is over.

I was in a complete WTF mode (in a very bad way) for the entire second part. The brother, the other brother, Nolan...

I mean... c'mon.

Oh well... Guess I'll keep the habit of watching next season with the usual (false) hope that it will redeem itself somehow.
by posted
Katy said:
Well, that was about freakin' time!

Just finished the finale and said something similar at the end :)

Me too..
by posted
Katy said:
Well, that was about freakin' time!

Just finished the finale and said something similar at the end :)I would have been very unsatisfied if that had not happened! It just sucks to have to wait so long to see the reaction (he'll probably get super pist and leave for a few weeks)...