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On the run from the mob, a troubled young woman (Sarah Michelle Gellar) hides out by inhabiting the life of her wealthy twin sister, until she learns that her twin's life has a bounty on it as well.

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Aired on:
The CW, US
60 min.
3.82/5 (17 ratings)
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as Bridget Kelly
as Siobhan Martin
as Henry Butler
as Andrew Martin
as Agent Victor Machado
as Malcolm Ward


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Latest comments

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by posted
by posted
i like it, its getting better every week
by posted
i stopped after episode 2, even tho i found it better than ep 1, there was still a spark missing for me to continue
by posted
Yes, there are people still watching this.

Me included.

It's one of the few shows this season I really consider worth checking out and sticking with it.

But I'm not going to argue taste. You don't like it? Fine by me. But I do like it.
by posted
someone is still watching this?
by posted
I'm on wckiller on this one, don't think it's merely a sister wanting a sister killed. She may want a new life, and killing the sister who apparently has caused much harm (i.e. Sean, which I presume we will no more about..I've only seen the first ep.) might just be a bonus.

I liked the show, and will definitely keep watching it.
by posted
Still liking it, will keep on watching. :)
by posted
wckiller said:
I don't just see it as twin sister just wants her twin sister dead... I feel like there's still something in the dark, like maybe the evil twin wants to start a new life by erasing her old life... you know... new identity and the bad guys hunting her off her back because, well.... they think they killed her...

and while the story evil twin vs good twin is very old, this one got a nice twist.

But I also know arguing with you about taste in TV Shows is going to lead nowhere ;)

Don't even think there are bad guys after the evil sister - I think she sent the guy to the loft to erase her previous life; the reconciliation was just part of the plan. She didn't specifically want her sister dead, which makes taking all the side money hurt even more.

I think the idea and storyline are good, but a little let down by the execution - the pace needs to be a little quicker, there needs to be a little more happening, and the tension needs to be way higher. Might improve later, so we'll just have to see.
by posted
I used to be such a Buffy fan... must give this a chance. It's been a while since SMG was in anything I actually bothered watching.

It's interesting to watch a new series, watch the writing an acting congeal into something substantial or fall to the wayside. I hope it grows into something worth watching