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RWBY Season 2 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Best Day Ever
2Welcome to Beacon
3A Minor Hiccup
4Painting the Town...
6Burning the Candle
7Dance Dance Infiltration
8Field Trip
9Search and Destroy
10Mountain Glenn
11No Brakes
SpecialVolume 2: Production Diary 2
SpecialVolume 2: Production Diary 3
SpecialVolume 2: Production Diary 4
SpecialVolume 2: RTX 2014 RWBY Panel
SpecialSeason 2: Livestream Discussion of Episodes 1-4
SpecialWorld of Remnant: Dust
SpecialWorld of Remnant: Kingdoms
SpecialWorld of Remnant: Grimm
SpecialWorld of Remnant: Aura
SpecialVolume 1: Opening Animation
SpecialVolume 2: Opening Animation
SpecialVolume 2: Soundtrack Trailer
SpecialVolume 2: Episode 1 Story Board
SpecialRWBY Complete: Volume 2