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When an MIT grad student and a tech superstar discover that an asteroid is headed towards Earth, they must work with the government to save humanity.

As time ticks away, tensions rise and secrets are revealed in this thrilling series about the race to stop an impending doomsday.

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Aired on:
60 min.
3.98/5 (185 ratings)
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Key Features and Themes

asteroid threatrace against timegovernment collaborationmit grad studenttech superstarsecrets revealedimpending doomsdayhumanitytensions risethrilling


as Liam Cole
as Jillian Hayes
as Grace Barrows
as Harris Edwards
as Darius Tanz
as Zoe Barrows
as Amanda Neel
as Detective Alonzo Carver
as Alycia Vrettou


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Latest comments

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by posted
Have lost interest after start of season 2 when it stopped being about saving the Earth from the asteroid and more about saving the USA from "bad guys".
by posted
I have seen (as a background noise) all episodes. Still saving the world. I would say it's as silly as the first season, nothing special.
by posted
Also watched the first episode of season 2 and was so disappointed that I haven't watched since. Would appreciate some info how it turns out.
by posted
so, anybody been watching season 2? just wondering if has gotten any better, id prefer not waste time checkin it out as i have so long list of stuff to watch.
by posted
cant believe they brought this mess back lmao! i wathced the ep1 of season 2 and oh boy, this just seems to get worse. where do they find the writers? atleast there were some nukes in the air and such... i guess ill keep watchin this just for lolz, its so bad its kinda funny at times :P
by posted
I think, looking at the numbers, S2 will not happen

I actually quite liked the interplay

I was expecting some sort of resolution - bad writing, if they did that we could have another asteroid coming at us S2 which could turn VERY X-Files (how come we're getting all these asteroids)

Like any promising Sci-Fi, this one seems doomed
by posted
such a mess lol, but it ends like they allready know they will make season 2...seriously i hope s2 has nothing to do with the spaceship, i want the nukes, atleast 1 to hit the target and world war 3 to begin :D
by posted
Yeah, the more I think about this show, the more strange it has been. They tried to put everything into it to see what sticked with the audience as far as I can see.
by posted
today this ends, i doubt we going to even see s2 :P If they decide to make season 2, i hope they change writers.
by posted
Kanga said:
Send that lot of drama queens into space and they'd all have murdered each other within the first month.

Let me just say, that would be a glorious season 2 ;)

It would be :3