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Sana Söz
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Sana Söz

Ömer Duran is a homicide bureau chief devoted to his profession. Elif Karaca is a successful program host who tries to illuminate the facts. Ömer and Elif are fighting in different lanes but with the same goal. At first, Ömer will clash with Elif, whom he thinks has betrayed all the values he believes in, but as he gets to know her, he will be influenced by her. As Elif tries to stay away from Ömer, she will get closer to him with every tough struggle she enters. Despite all the differences and obstacles between them, the two will fight together to protect the innocent against lawlessness, injustice, unscrupulousness, and criminals.

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Star TV, Turkey at 8:00 pm +03


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Episode 3


Tue Nov 16, 2021



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