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Saving Hope
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Saving Hope

When charismatic Chief of Surgery Charlie Harris at Toronto's Hope-Zion Hospital ends up in a coma, he leaves the hospital in chaos - and his fiancée and fellow surgeon, Alex Reid, in a state of shock.

Show Info

Aired on:
CTV, Canada
60 min.
4.27/5 (26 ratings)
More Info:
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as Dr. Charles "Charlie" Harris
as Dr. Alex Reid
as Dr. Zachary "Zach" Miller
as Dr. Maggie Lin
as Dr. Shahir Hamza
as Nurse Jackson Wade
as Dr. Dawn Bell
as Dr. Joel Goran
as Dr. Dana Kinney


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Latest comments

Post New
by posted
I might check it back out over the summer when there's a lull I guess. Elijah carried parts of TVD when I still watched it and was good in the show and I enjoyed seeing the two from Smallville again which is why I watch the show in the first place.
by posted
Mmm... Your Elijah is still there, as of now they are not together, the brother storyline leads to a few great Lois scenes (showing that she's a better actress than just punting Clark), the ex-wife is much more grounded than the first season showed and...

Like I said, it's not at the top and although I wouldn't call it consistent like Person of Interest surprisingly was but it's steady. It's easily watchable... with a sandwich.

They show quite a lot of medical gross stuff too. Durance is pretty but I'm not sure I'd let her play with my bowels like this. :lol:
by posted
I haven't seen the show since it came back. Lois and Elijah suddenly becoming an almost thing in the last episode before their break threw me. It seemed unnecessary and weird which is why I haven't bothered to pick it back up again. Also Hawkman missing an important AA meeting for her brother to jump on a trampoline didn't help matters. That was to me their weakest episode.

How did that storyline play out in the back half? Was it interesting enough to watch? Random love triangle for the sake of drama tend to turn me off from shows. Also Elijah from The Vampire Diaries universe is a main character in the Originals is he still on the show by the end of the season?
by posted
Katy said:
Nice 2nd season finale and for the record, renewed for a third 16 eps season.

It's growing quite well.


Really it got to S3 :0

Sure. Obviously it's not E.R. but there are stuff way far worse and it only got cancelled for the yanks.

It seems to be doing fine enough on the Canadian market to get itself another season. :)
by posted
Quinlan said:
Nice 2nd season finale and for the record, renewed for a third 16 eps season.

It's growing quite well.


Really it got to S3 :0
by posted
Nice 2nd season finale and for the record, renewed for a third 16 eps season.

It's growing quite well.

by posted
Season 2 started - Fine episode.
by posted
Just watched it, it wasn't bad
by posted
Still watchable after 12 episodes if you give it a chance without expecting awesomesauce. 1 left to go this season.

Renewed for a second season in Canada by CTV even though NBC pulled the plug on it for the U.S. after 11 episodes putting reruns of America's Got Talent and The Voice instead of the last 2 episodes.

Putting reruns of America's Got Talent... sheesh, I wouldn't even wish that to the worst show.
by posted
It's far from touching the roof of awesomness but I managed to get to the third episode and it could've been much worse.

Given the holes I have in my stuff to watch these days, I can settle for this for now.