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Sheriff Callie's Wild West Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeAir DateEpisode Name
1The Good, the Bad and the Yo-Yo
2Boots or Consequences
3Peck's Deputy Drill
4A Fistful of Flowers
5Quilting Time
6When Dirty Turned Purty
7Barrel Full of Trouble
8Peck Clowns Around
9Toby's Christmas Critter
10A Very Tricky Christmas
11Bandit Toby
12Barnstorming Bandit
13Peck Gets Fooled
14Doc's Runaway Balloon
15Sparky Runs Wild
16Milkshake Shakedown
17Toby's First Snow
18Blazing Skaters
19The Long Adios
20Fire Engine Fuss
21Wrong Way Wagon Train
22Peck and Toby's Tall Twirl
23Peck's Prisoner Promise
24Toby's Two-Step Trouble
25The Prize Fight
26Buckle Hustle
27The Ballad of Sweet Strings
28Lost Popcorn Cavern
29Homestead Alone
30Where's Our Wishing Well?
31How the Water Was Won
32Double Trouble
33The Great Halloween Robbery
34The Ghost of the Scary Prairie
35Ella Sneaks A Peek
36Tunnel O'Trouble
37Stagecoach to Yonderville
38The Wild Brunch
39Callie's Got Trouble
40Outlaw Roundup
41New Sheriff in Town
42Buzzard Bust-Out
43The Heartless Valentine's Day
44Mine All Mine
Sheriff Callie's Wild West
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Sheriff Callie's Wild West

Set in the colorful Wild West, the show follows the titlular character and her deputy woodpecker, Peck, as they watch over their pleasant little frontier town. Although known as the friendliest town in the West, Callie and Peck work hard to keep it that way and when trouble comes a-callin', they make sure it doesn't stay long. By their side is her sweet-natured sidekick, Toby, a loveable cactus with a predisposition to see the good in everything and who is always ready to lend a helping hand. Each episode features two 11-minute stories and has two original songs.

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Aired on:


10 min.




0/5 (0 ratings)

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as Cody the Express Pony Rider
as Priscilla Skunk
as Farmer Stinky
as Abigail Crane
as Tio Tortuga
as Dusty & Dirty Dan
as Sheriff Callie

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