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Slow Horses
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Slow Horses

Follows the story of a group of British intelligence agents who serve in a dumping ground department of MI5 called Slough House after the big mistakes they've made that resulted to the end of their mainstream careers.

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Streams on:

Apple TV+, US at 5:00 am


45 min.


Returning Series


4.47/5 (129 ratings)

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Wed Dec 27, 2023


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Next Episode

Sorry, no info about the next episode of Slow Horses is available yet.

However, our last information about it is this:

Yes, Slow Horses is returning for Season 4. The fourth series of the show will be based on the book ‘Spook Street’ by Mick Heron.

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as Jackson Lamb
as River Cartwright
as Diana Taverner
as Ingrid Tearney
as David Cartwright


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Latest comments

Post New
by posted
Edh said:
You can't beat Gary Oldman. Disgustingly terrific.

no just disgusting we need smelly vision lol
by posted
You can't beat Gary Oldman. Disgustingly terrific.
by posted
Cant believe they (Wil Smith?) kept up the amazing quality :-)

My personal rating:
S01 = 4.5?
S02 = 5?
S03 = 5?

Really look forward to S04 and if they are able to manage another 5? :-)
Watched and rated over 100 Shows, and there are only a very very very few that might compete - really amazing quality, especially because its so consistent over the whole series!
Competition, other shows with full personal 5?-ratings:

Drops of God S01=5+? :-)
The Legend of Vox Machina S01+S02=5?
Pantheon S01+S02=5?
Home Before Dark S01=5? S02=4.5?
The Peripheral S01=5? (damn shame the it was canceled)
Skull Island S01=5?
Maybe Silo, but i have to see it a 2nd time :-)

Other personal 5?-ratings for other shows seasons

Arcane S01
Carnival Row S02
A Discovery of Witches S01
Vigil S01

Quite some Season out there with "4.5?" (like Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, Murdoch, SpaceForce, Sandman, Mandalorian, His Dark Materials, The Magicians, etc.) but i rarely consider "5?" ... so this show is an extraordinary gem :-)))
Some shows haven't received a second "Rate"-viewing, so i might have missed some
by posted
Rocky_Rock_Rockbottom said:
Absolute best show. I could watch new seasons of this thing forever

Yeah! They are regularly killing off enough of the cast to always keep things fresh. :lol:

fassy said:
Thoughtful, witty, rough, honest, fun even with some action sprinkled in...

That sums it up nicely! :)
by posted
mrverene said:
Just about anybody should enjoy it I'd think. I guess some folks wouldn't want their kids watching it but just think of all the fun they'd have learning interesting new ways to swear and insult their peers.

Ja, hands down one of the best shows of the last few years... once you got into it. It took a few episodes for me as the first episode really didn't managed to pull me in. Had to restart twice or three times. But then... loved every second after that. Well, not every... but most. Thoughtful, witty, rough, honest, fun even with some action sprinkled in...
by posted
the show should have "smelly vision"
by posted
Absolute best show. I could watch new seasons of this thing forever
by posted
The bit in 3.6 where Ho drove the bus into the house and it was so stupid that Lamb glitched out for a few seconds before the insult was priceless. Show's still consistently the best thing around. Wish other shows could cover as much ground in 6 normal sized episodes.
by posted
lighton said:
It really is the best UK show in years! Compared to this quality, is like dog poop where kids threw confetti on top.

I can't believe what's happening with Dr. Who. I started watching in the late '70s; my first Doctor was Tom Baker and I've been watching ever since. I gave the new specials a chance but had to stop watching halfway through the Christmas episode. I'm done with it and that disappoints me.

On topic though, I'm excited there's (at least) another season of Slow Horses. I watched an interview with Gary Oldman and he said as soon as he read the first script, he was 100% in. The link starts the interview at the Slow Horses section if you're interested.
by posted
If you like Slow Horses you might like to investigate the very old TV series "Callan" with Edward Woodward.