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Spartacus: Vengeance
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Spartacus: Vengeance

Spartacus: Vengeance is the Starz epic series which continues the story of Spartacus: Blood and Sand. The rebellion continues, and Gaius Claudius Glaber rallies his troops to Capua to stop Spartacus and his band of freed slaves. Will Spartacus choose vengeance or keeping his army together?

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Aired on:
Starz, US
60 min.
Canceled, Never Aired
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Latest comments

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by posted
Bit late...but, i can watch all 4 series of Spartacus over, and over. It's that good imo.

I'm probably on 3rd or 4th run :)
by posted
Just started watching the second season... the new Spartacus isn't that bad, but the new Naevia is horrible. :/
by posted
I hope they change the actor for Spartacus once again next season :D
by posted
HomerS said:
Season 3 Spartacus dies and Gannicus takes over.

All is fine :cool:

well as most "historical" shows are loosely based on real history lately, i would not be surprised :P
by posted
Season 3 Spartacus dies and Gannicus takes over.

All is fine :cool:
by posted
Maybe they won't kill him untill season 4 or 5 then :)
by posted
It's already renewed. So...
by posted
Yes, indeed. let it end here

*historical spoiler*
Noone wants to see spartacus & co crucified in a last season
by posted
Agreed, that was a good ending.
by posted
very awesome ending to the season.
i was just thinking. if the show would be cancelled now it would be so good. since we all know how this show will eventually end i think there is no more need to make any more :P