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Special Ops: Lioness
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Special Ops: Lioness

Lioness is a spy drama follows a young Marine recruited to befriend the daughter of a terrorist to bring the organization down from within.

Also known as: Lioness

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Sorry, no info about the next episode of Special Ops: Lioness is available yet.

The TV show is either in vacation or waiting to start their new season. When information about future episodes becomes available, it will be posted here.

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Gone is the Illusion of Order
Sun Sep 03, 2023
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Streams on:
Paramount+, US at 3:00 am
44 min.
Returning Series
Created by:
4.01/5 (92 ratings)
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as Cruz Manuelos
as Two Cups
as Neal McNamara
as Aaliyah Amrohi
as Kaitlyn Meade


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Latest comments

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by posted
I liked it found the end a bit deus ex machina as i thought it'd been set up for her to kill the father in front of the daughter.
by posted
We loved this show. If Taylor Sheridan stopped with his cowboy stuff and concentrated on more shows like this, I'd be thrilled.

This needs a second season big time.
by posted
Finished the show. Really enjoyed it! The concept is perfect for more seasons. :)
by posted
1x4. Such a great show! Four more episodes, and I hope then it gets renewed ASAP. :)

@mrverene: Haha, that line didn't even register with me. :D
by posted
If it's an episode-specific spoiler please edit your post and add the episode number above the spoiler. Thanks. :)
by posted
1x3 i think
Was funny how completely cringe and out of tone the line about Kidman's allergy to her ex-husband was. guessing they did it anyway just to stick it to Cruise.
by posted
We really like this show. It sort of reminds me of a lesser Homeland. There have been a few cheesy moments but overall, it's a keeper.
by posted
mrverene said:
I liked the pilot quite a bit. Hopefully the production values stay that high.

Totally agree! A pricey production, authentic-looking settings and scenery, will continue to watch. :)
by posted
Promising trailer and IMDb rating! :) I just hope Nicole Kidman doesn't have too big a role.
by posted
I liked the pilot quite a bit. Hopefully the production values stay that high.