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Stargate Atlantis
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Stargate Atlantis

The Lost City of Atlantis Has Been Found! A secret group of scientists have discovered the location of the famous lost city of Atlantis, but it's not on Earth. It's located in another galaxy altogether, the Pegasus galaxy. "Stargate Atlantis" is a spin-off from the highly successful "Stargate SG-1" series.

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Aired on:

SyFy, US


60 min.




4.47/5 (88 ratings)

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as Lt. Colonel John Sheppard
as Dr. Rodney McKay
as Teyla Emmagan
as Ronon Dex
as Dr. Elizabeth Weir
as Dr. Carson Beckett
as Dr. Jennifer Keller
as Lt. Aiden Ford
as Richard Woolsey


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