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Street Time
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Street Time

A dramatic series that ran for two seasons, focused on the lives of parole officers and the parolees who report to them. The tag that followed the show was "Welcome to Life on the Outside," easily describing the plot of this thrilling series. The lead character, Kevin Hunter (Rob Morrow) is a former smuggler, who is now on parole after being in prison for five years. Now that he has a new chance, Kevin will do his best to stay out of trouble, trying to reconcile with his wife Rachel (Michelle Nordin). However, the sins from his past will come back to haunt him, and James Liberti (Scott Cohen), Kevin's parole officer, will do his best to save Kevin.

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Aired on:


60 min.


Canceled, Never Aired

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as Kevin Hunter
as Rachel Goldstein
as Timmy Liberti
as James Liberti
as Dee Mulhern
as Peter Hunter
as Karen Liberti
as Ann Valentine
as Steve Goldstein


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