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Show Name Date Submitted Submitted By Actions Status
Instinct 2017-07-22 NX-01 Rejected: No TheTVDB.com or TVMaze.com link
Fahrenheit 451 2017-07-21 halne Rejected: No TheTVDB.com or TVMaze.com link
The Dark Tower 2017-07-22 daviddaulby Rejected: No TheTVDB.com or TVMaze.com link
A Centaur's Life 2017-07-23 Miah17 Added
Dies Irae 2017-07-23 scorpius074 Added
UltraForce 2017-07-23 scorpius074 Added
Human Target (1992) 2017-07-23 scorpius074 Added
Krypto: the Superdog 2017-07-23 scorpius074 Added
Global Frequency 2017-07-23 scorpius074 Added
The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians 2017-07-23 scorpius074 Added
Batman and Robin - The 1949 Serial 2017-07-23 scorpius074 Added
Superman: The 1948 Serial 2017-07-23 scorpius074 Added
Legends of the Super-Heroes 2017-07-23 scorpius074 Added
The Secrets of ISIS 2017-07-23 scorpius074 Rejected: Already available here: Isis
When Sharks Attack 2017-07-23 TheMT1 Added
Unlikely Animal Friends 2017-07-23 TheMT1 Added
Renovation Gap 2017-07-23 santah Added
Akil the Fugitive Hunter 2017-07-23 santah Added
Relationshep 2017-07-23 santah Added
Letter Bee 2017-07-22 santah Added
Gunesin Kizlari 2017-07-22 santah Added
The Mash Report 2017-07-21 santah Added
NBA All-Star Celebrity Game 2017-07-21 santah Added
NBA All-Star Game 2017-07-21 santah Added
MLB All-Star Futures Game 2017-07-21 santah Added
MLB All-Star Game 2017-07-21 santah Added
Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest 2017-07-21 santah Added
Home Run Derby 2017-07-21 santah Added
Hitler and Churchill : The Eagle and the Lion 2017-07-20 McFLY Added
ronnies redneck road trip 2017-07-21 robert123 Rejected: No TheTVDB.com or TVMaze.com link
Stargate Origins 2017-07-21 santah Added
I Was Prey 2017-07-20 McFLY Rejected: added
I Was Prey 2017-07-20 nioctib Added
Medieval Lives: Birth, Marriage, Death 2017-07-19 nioctib Added
Growing Up Supermodel 2017-07-19 SheriJ Added
The IGN Show 2017-07-20 santah Added
Comrade Detective 2017-07-20 santah Added
SafeWord (MTV) 2017-07-20 santah Added
Trading Spaces 2017-07-20 santah Added
PATRICK MELROSE 2017-07-18 olavab Rejected: Already available here
Safe 2017-07-18 olavab Added
Guantanamo 2017-07-18 olavab Added
Old Money 2017-07-18 stephanieh Added
Late Licence 2017-07-17 Digit Added
Who Fears Death 2017-07-17 robinnes Added
Troy: Fall of a City 2017-07-17 robinnes Added
Made in Abyss 2017-07-16 Rauchi84 Rejected: Already available here
Marvel Future Avengers 2017-07-14 edgardecade Added
Sé quién eres 2017-07-14 rlo Rejected: Already available here
I Know Who You Are
El Chema 2017-07-13 ianbriffa Added
The Umbrella Academy 2017-07-13 olavab Added
Gaki no Tsukai No Laughing Batsu Game 2017-07-12 lien Added
Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers 2017-07-11 edgardecade Added
Shingeki no Kyojin or attack on titan 2017-07-11 applepie28 Rejected: Already available here: Attack on Titan
Made in abyss 2017-07-11 edgardecade Rejected: Already available here
Apollo Gauntlet 2017-07-11 Wanko1 Rejected: Already available here:
The Split 2017-07-11 olavab Added
Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told 2017-06-10 Sushians Added
Stark Trek Discovery 2017-07-17 FrodeN Rejected: No TheTVDB.com or TVMaze.com link
the easybeats 2017-07-18 gldmedia Rejected: No TheTVDB.com or TVMaze.com link
Tenshi no 3p 2017-07-19 Ezekiel Rejected: No TheTVDB.com or TVMaze.com link
Nadiya's British Food Adventure 2017-07-18 nioctib Added
False Flag 2017-07-19 santah Added
Addicted Parents: Last Chance to Keep My Children 2017-07-19 santah Added
Gone (2017) 2017-07-19 santah Added
Lovers in Bloom 2017-07-18 santah Added
Dana White's Tuesday Night Contender Series 2017-07-18 santah Added
I'm Coming Out 2017-07-18 santah Added
Mission Backup Earth 2017-07-17 robinnes Rejected: No TheTVDB.com or TVMaze.com link
princes agent 2017 ep49 2017-07-17 lornamuelan Rejected: No TheTVDB.com or TVMaze.com link
Joko versus Klaas 2017-07-17 tstddj Added
Exposed with Deborah Norville 2017-07-17 santah Added
Brojects 2017-07-17 santah Added
America in Color 2017-07-17 santah Added
Our World 2017-07-17 santah Added
Kurokami The Animation 2017-07-17 santah Added
Wild Amazon 2017-07-16 nioctib Added
Made in Abyss 2017-07-16 DoctorWH Added
Tin Star 2017-07-17 santah Added
Killer in the Family 2017-07-17 santah Added
Clean Freak! Aoyama-kun 2017-07-14 santah Added
7O3X Fastest Finger First 2017-07-14 santah Added
AHO-GIRL 2017-07-14 santah Added
Gone: The Forgotten Women of Ohio 2017-07-14 santah Added
Hitorijime My Hero 2017-07-14 santah Added
Hood Adjacent With James Davis 2017-07-14 santah Added
I Know Who You Are 2017-07-14 santah Added
The Auto Firm With Alex Vega 2017-07-14 santah Added
Sound Waves: The Symphony of Physics 2017-07-14 nioctib Added
Gamers! 2017-07-13 Miah17 Added
The Highland Midwife 2017-07-13 Sair Added
THE FIRST 48:SCENE OF THE CRIME 2017-07-13 LC6287 Rejected: No TheTVDB.com or TVMaze.com link
Mosquito 2017-07-12 nioctib Added
My First Girlfriend is a Gal 2017-07-12 Miah17 Rejected: Already available here: Hajimete no Gal
Princess Principal 2017-07-12 Miah17 Added
Apollo Gauntlet 2017-07-14 santah Added
Lovecraft Country 2017-07-12 CrispyRoll Added
Everything Sucks! 2017-07-12 CrispyRoll Added
THE END OF THE F***ING WORLD 2017-07-12 CrispyRoll Added
Catching a Killer 2017-07-12 Sair Added
Chronos Ruler 2017-07-11 Miah17 Added
Pulse (2017) 2017-07-12 santah Added
Philly 2017-07-12 santah Added
Siesta Key 2017-07-12 santah Added
The Lowe Files 2017-07-12 santah Added
Eamonn and Ruth: How The Other Half Lives 2017-07-11 Sair Added
Team Umizoomi 2017-07-11 Honest_Ape Added
Windy City Flip 2017-07-11 santah Added
Nosotros los guapos 2017-07-11 santah Added
Professional Fighters League 2017-07-11 santah Added
Me and My Grandma 2017-07-11 santah Added
Murder by Numbers 2017-07-11 santah Added
Bossip 2017-07-11 santah Added
Katie Price: My Crazy Life 2017-07-11 santah Added
Violet Evergarden 2017-07-09 Mythbusters Added
The Ancient Magus' Bride 2017-07-09 Mythbusters Added
Oats Studios 2017-07-08 pouhou_FR_NL Added
Wolf Girl & Black Prince 2017-07-08 katg Added
Katsugeki Touken Ranbu 2017-07-08 adrik Rejected: Already available here: Katsugeki Touken Ranbu
Altair: A Record of Battles 2017-07-08 adrik Added
Pepper Ann 2017-07-08 jasmclar Added
Live at the Apollo 2017-07-09 mlong007 Rejected: Already available here: Live at the Apollo
Joanna Lumley's India 2017-07-06 eijihirai Rejected: Already available here: Joanna Lumley's India
Mind Field 2017-07-05 mladjo2505 Rejected: Already available here: Mind Field
Bus Wars 2017-07-04 treker68 Added
Arakawa Under the Bridge 2017-07-03 katg Added
Classroom of the Elite 2017-07-03 Mythbusters Added
Love and Lies 2017-07-03 Mythbusters Rejected: Already available here
Love and Lies
In Another World With My Smartphone 2017-07-03 Mythbusters Added
Hajimete no Gal 2017-07-03 Mythbusters Added
Katsugeki Touken Ranbu 2017-07-02 antoniosdme Rejected: Already available here: Katsugeki Touken Ranbu
Bear Grylls' Survival School 2017-07-02 ragtop12 Added
Love and Lies 2017-07-02 SolNunes Added
isekai shokudou 2017-07-02 SolNunes Rejected: Already available here
Kevin Hart Presents: The Next Level 2017-07-02 starryd Added
Tokyo Majin 2017-07-02 adrik Added
Ginger Snaps 2017-07-01 qawsx56 Added
VERA 2017-06-29 Ruth222 Rejected: Already available here: Vera
A Bridge to the Starry Skies 2017-06-10 Sushians Rejected: Already available here: Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi
law and order svu 2017-07-09 mickadams Rejected: No TheTVDB.com or TVMaze.com link
RAGE OF BAHAMUT VIRGIN SOUL 2017-07-09 sirhctatts Rejected: No TheTVDB.com or TVMaze.com link
Joel Osteen 2017-07-10 santah Added
Rock Legends 2017-07-10 santah Added
Saiyuki Reload Blast 2017-07-10 santah Added
Binky & JP's Baby: Born in Chelsea 2017-07-09 santah Added
Endeavor  2017-07-06 NX-01 Rejected: No TheTVDB.com or TVMaze.com link
Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams  2017-07-06 NX-01 Rejected: No TheTVDB.com or TVMaze.com link
The Yorkshire Vet 2017-07-08 nioctib Added
UFOs: Uncovering the Truth 2017-07-09 santah Added
Arrow: Blood Rush 2017-07-08 michaelfindlay Added
Dessert Games 2017-07-09 santah Added
What Would Diplo Do? 2017-07-09 santah Added
Just One Look 2017-07-09 santah Added
Katsugeki Touken Ranbu 2017-07-09 santah Added
Saul of the Mole Men 2017-07-09 santah Added
Gerhard Reinke's Wanderlust 2017-07-09 santah Added
The Secret World of Posh Pets 2017-07-07 Sair Added
Britain's Biggest Heists 2017-07-07 nioctib Added
Comedy Club (Russia) 2017-07-08 santah Added
Hair Goddess 2017-07-08 santah Added
The Adventures of Sir Lancelot 2017-07-06 nioctib Added
Amazing Animal Births 2017-07-06 nioctib Added
Beetle Bailey 2017-07-06 nioctib Added
A Place in the Sun: Home or Away 2017-07-07 santah Added
Vanderpump Rules: Jax & Brittany Take Kentucky 2017-07-07 santah Added
Teen Mum 2017-07-06 santah Added
Death Row: A History of Capital Punishment in America 2017-07-06 nioctib Added
Joanna Lumley's India 2017-07-05 McFLY Added
Mermaid Melody: Pichi Pichi Pitch 2017-07-06 santah Added
Vlogglebox 2017-07-06 santah Added
The Best Hit 2017-07-06 santah Added
Prime Suspect: Tennison 2017-07-04 Pastor777 Rejected: No TheTVDB.com or TVMaze.com link
Hot Ones 2017-07-05 gooleyghost Rejected: No TheTVDB.com or TVMaze.com link
Assassins Creed(Anime) 2017-07-05 vugen Rejected: No TheTVDB.com or TVMaze.com link
pretty little liars season 7 2017-07-06 rabbit07 Rejected: No TheTVDB.com or TVMaze.com link
The Standups 2017-07-04 pouhou_FR_NL Rejected: added
The Standups 2017-07-06 jaegan438 Added
Betch 2017-07-05 santah Added
Forever 31 2017-07-05 santah Added
Kitchen Garden Live With The Hairy Bikers 2017-07-05 Sair Added
It's Okay, It's Love 2017-07-05 santah Added
Koro Sensei Quest! 2017-07-05 santah Added
Epic Mancave Builds 2017-07-05 santah Added
Nameless Woman 2017-07-05 santah Added
Knallerkerle 2017-07-04 tstddj Added
Circus Halligalli 2017-07-04 tstddj Added
18if 2017-07-04 SimonJAbramson Added
Top Gear America 2017-07-03 TheMT1 Added
Amazing Monkeys 2017-07-03 TheMT1 Added
Restaurant to Another World 2017-07-03 Miah17 Added
Star Wars: Forces of Destiny 2017-07-04 santah Added
Biggie: The Life of Notorious B.I.G. 2017-07-04 santah Added
Residue (2017) 2017-07-01 wander7 Rejected: No TheTVDB.com or TVMaze.com link
Handmade in Japan 2017-07-01 nioctib Added
Pitch Battle 2017-07-01 RigaMortis Added
The Spouse House 2017-07-01 santah Added
Chicago Typewriter 2017-06-30 santah Added
Automata 2017-06-29 devil Added
The Defenders 2017-06-30 LCK139 Rejected: No TheTVDB.com or TVMaze.com link
Flip or Flop Atlanta 2017-06-30 santah Added