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Guardians of the Glades 2019-05-20 santah Added
La venganza de los ex 2019-05-20 santah Added
Kate Plus Date 2019-05-20 santah Added
Aristemo: El corazon nunca se equivoca 2019-05-20 santah Added
All Rise 2019-05-20 lea724 Added
Marriage Rescue 2019-05-20 santah Added
9-1-1: Lone Star 2019-05-19 santah Added
The Flare 2019-05-19 santah Added
BBC Young Dancer 2019-05-19 santah Added
Rustic Renovation 2019-05-19 santah Added
Mi Marido Tiene Familia 2019-05-19 santah Added
Mom & Me 2019-05-18 santah Added
The Magic Order 2019-05-18 santah Added
Day Zero 2019-05-18 santah Added
Possessed 2019-05-18 santah Added
Aeon Flux (2019) 2019-05-18 lighton Added
Nappily Ever After 2019-05-17 Airborne14 Added
Carol's Second Act 2019-05-17 spicerack Added
The Unicorn 2019-05-17 santah Added
Paradise Hotel (2019) 2019-05-17 RigaMortis Added
Raising Expectations 2019-05-16 santah Added
Star Trek: Picard 2019-05-16 spicerack Added
The Car Years 2019-05-15 Zagatto Added
The Wrestlers 2019-05-15 Sokpan Added
Cernobil 2019-05-14 fabian.dedu@gmail.com Rejected: No TheTVDB.com or TVMaze.com link
Angles of death 2019-05-14 No112233 Rejected: No TheTVDB.com or TVMaze.com link
Everything’s gonna be ok - freeform 2019-05-15 adamherlihy17 Rejected: No TheTVDB.com or TVMaze.com link
What's My Name: Muhammad Ali 2019-05-15 santah Added
Bless the Harts 2019-05-15 santah Added
BH90210 2019-05-15 santah Added
The Kids of Degrassi Street 2019-05-15 santah Added
mixed-ish 2019-05-15 spicerack Added
Sex on Trial 2019-05-15 santah Added
Kota Factory 2019-05-14 santah Added
Terrace House: Tokyo 2019-2020 2019-05-14 santah Added
Outmatched 2019-05-14 santah Added
Emergence 2019-05-14 santah Added
Sunnyside (2019) 2019-05-14 spicerack Added
15 days 2019-05-14 helenelizabeth Rejected: added
15 Days (Channel 5 UK) 2019-05-12 jotams Rejected: added
Pickler & Ben 2019-05-12 coledc6984 Rejected: added
Wu-Tang Clan: Of Mics and Men 2019-05-10 fill.21 Added
Sliced (2019) 2019-05-10 deejayprod Added
Namu Amida Butsu!: Rendai Utena 2019-05-09 MidnightAngel59 Added
Inside Mighty Machines 2019-05-08 larch Added
the hot zone 2019-05-14 freydalc Rejected: No TheTVDB.com or TVMaze.com link
I AM MOTHER 2019-05-14 Jukken Rejected: No TheTVDB.com or TVMaze.com link
Mr. Black 2019-05-07 Sciguy77 Rejected: added
Pickler & Ben 2019-05-03 colettedc6984 Added
Monster List 2019-04-06 purpleremi8 Rejected: Already available here: Yaoguai Mingdan
My Glory Was I Had Such Friends 2019-03-26 elementoffear Added
General and I 2019-03-06 kitten14 Added
RoboCop: The Animated Series 2018-12-30 roselio123 Added
The Mystic Archives of Dantalian 2018-12-24 leo2012 Added
The Liberator 2018-11-22 olavab Added
Not Just Me 2019-05-14 santah Added
Deputy 2019-05-14 santah Added
Tierra de Reyes 2019-05-14 santah Added
Kids Behind Bars: Life or Parole 2019-05-14 santah Added
15 Days 2019-05-14 McFLY Added
Shopping With Keith Lemon 2019-05-13 Sokpan Added
Love Alarm 2019-05-13 samartin Added
Space Probes 2019-05-13 singa Added
Mr. Black 2019-05-13 mjsb Added
Big Questions, Huge Answers with Jon Dore 2019-05-13 santah Added
Instinto 2019-05-13 santah Added
Ambitions 2019-05-13 santah Added
Nature's Strangest Mysteries: Solved 2019-05-12 singa Added
Machines of Malice 2019-05-12 singa Added
Student Bodies 2019-05-13 santah Added
Bluff City Law 2019-05-13 santah Added
Jailbirds 2019-05-13 santah Added
Perfect Harmony 2019-05-13 santah Added
The helpful fox senko-san 2019-05-13 Ezekiel Rejected: No TheTVDB.com or TVMaze.com link
Filthy Rich (2019) 2019-05-12 santah Added
I am Jazz 2019-05-11 Suetia3_ Rejected: No TheTVDB.com or TVMaze.com link
The Name of the Rose 2019-05-11 rnntx2254 Rejected: No TheTVDB.com or TVMaze.com link
The Terror: Infamy 2019-05-11 rnntx2254 Rejected: No TheTVDB.com or TVMaze.com link
Lost Viking Army 2019-05-10 Natureboy669 Rejected: No TheTVDB.com or TVMaze.com link
CHERNOBYL 2019-05-09 IBM Rejected: No TheTVDB.com or TVMaze.com link
Marvel's Runaways 2019-05-10 colormar Rejected: No TheTVDB.com or TVMaze.com link
The lawyer 2019-05-10 Galluzzo Rejected: Already available here: Advokaten
The Typist 2019-05-10 Galluzzo Added
An Ordinary Woman 2019-05-10 Galluzzo Added
The Murder Room 2019-05-10 VideoBubby Added
The Butcher 2019-05-11 santah Added
90 Day Fiance: The Other Way 2019-05-11 santah Added
A Very Brady Renovation 2019-05-10 santah Added
Property Brothers: Forever Home 2019-05-10 santah Added
Bring the Funny 2019-05-10 santah Added
Yatogame-chan Kansatsu Nikki 2019-05-08 lellus Added
Jeapody 2019-05-08 Playmyfavories4 Rejected: No TheTVDB.com or TVMaze.com link
The Many Saints of Newark 2019-05-08 biggitaylor Rejected: No TheTVDB.com or TVMaze.com link
Strike Witches: 501st JOINT FIGHTER WING Take Off! 2019-05-08 lellus Added
The Real Full Monty 2019-05-08 santah Added
The 410 2019-05-08 santah Added
being mary jane 2019-05-08 destinyandrew Rejected: No TheTVDB.com or TVMaze.com link
Lost Gold of Scotland 2019-05-08 Dougie Rejected: No TheTVDB.com or TVMaze.com link
Klepper 2019-05-07 getmanmanmw Added
British Made with John Prescott 2019-05-07 Sair Added
Florida Girls 2019-05-08 santah Added
Nancy Drew (2019) 2019-05-08 santah Added
Besa 2019-05-08 santah Added
When I Grow Up 2019-05-08 santah Added
Planet Child 2019-05-08 santah Added
Masters de la Reforma 2019-05-06 CarlosRoberto Added
Fish or Die 2019-05-06 nomad69 Added
!mpossible Celebrities 2019-05-05 jokerhead Added
Flinch 2019-05-05 jokerhead Rejected: "Invalid series" on thetvdb.com
Produce X 101 2019-05-05 te24519 Added
Dragon Quest: Dai's Great Adventure 2019-05-04 bisono2 Added
Zone Blanche 2019-05-04 superdodo Rejected: Already available here: Black Spot
Gigantosaurus 2019-05-04 Wilcomb Added
John Bishop's Ireland 2019-05-04 treker68 Rejected: Already available here: John Bishop's Ireland
Wise mans grandchild, Kenja No Mago, or Magi's Grandson 2019-05-04 Cassels11 Rejected: Already available here: Kenja no Mago
Five Bedrooms 2019-05-02 grumpysmum79 Rejected: added
Double shot at love 2019-04-11 colettedc6984 Rejected: Already available here: Double Shot at Love
Diablo‌ Guardian 2019-05-03 abeskeshani Rejected: No TheTVDB.com or TVMaze.com link
Sorcerer Hunters 2019-04-06 purpleremi8 Added
Time Bandits 2019-03-26 elementoffear Rejected: added
Orange Marmalade 2019-03-06 kitten14 Added
Street Fighter II: V 2018-12-30 roselio123 Added
VanDread 2018-12-11 leo2012 Added
Mrs Wilson 2018-11-20 olavab Rejected: Already available here: Mrs Wilson
The Aquarium 2019-05-07 TheMT1 Added
Tagged: Fresh Out Of Jail 2019-05-07 santah Added
La Caza. Monteperdido 2019-05-06 patrickdrd Added
The Adulterer 2019-05-06 stormyview Rejected: Already available here: Overspel
Five Bedrooms 2019-05-06 santah Added
Four Weddings and a Funeral 2019-05-05 MelbaB Added
Ingress 2019-05-05 santah Added
Alta Mar 2019-05-05 santah Added
John Bishop's Ireland 2019-05-04 tv2000 Added
Time Bandits 2019-05-03 lighton Added
Forensics: The Real CSI 2019-05-03 singa Added
Hardware 2019-05-03 nevillize Added
Black Sheep Squadron 2019-05-03 nevillize Added
Peyton's Places 2019-05-02 mattoaks Added
It's Bruno 2019-05-05 santah Added
Terrific Tiny Homes 2019-05-02 BOYCESHIRLEEN Added
Hallmark Countdown to Summer 2019-04-30 bane71 Added
Solar Opposites 2019-04-28 rolypoly Added
ViVid Strike! 2019-04-28 DemonLordDiablo Added
Kono Oto Tomare!: Sounds of Life 2019-04-28 Dysun Rejected: Already available here: Stop This Sound!
Kono Oto Tomare! 2019-04-26 paoers Rejected: Already available here: Stop This Sound!
Your Home Made Perfect 2019-04-25 BOYCESHIRLEEN Rejected: Already available here: Your Home Made Perfect
the discovery of witches 2019-04-24 hkk Rejected: Already available here: A Discovery of Witches
McMillions 2019-04-24 downthebanks Added
Miriam's Dead Good Adventure 2019-04-23 rlo Added
30 Minute Meals 2019-04-09 colettedc6984 Rejected: Already available here: 30 Minute Meals
R.O.D - Read or Die 2019-04-06 purpleremi8 Added
Defending Jacob 2019-03-26 elementoffear Rejected: "Invalid series" on thetvdb.com
Two Weeks 2019-03-06 kitten14 Added
black cat 2018-12-30 roselio123 Rejected: Already available here: Black Cat
Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii 2018-12-08 leo2012 Rejected: Already available here: Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii
The Council 2018-11-16 olavab Added
Ghost Rider 2019-05-01 Miah17 Added
Police Code Zero: Officer Under Attack 2019-05-01 RutabagaDude Added
Blade of Demon Destruction 2019-04-28 Steel Rejected: No TheTVDB.com or TVMaze.com link
Kids Behind Bars: Life or Parole 2019-05-01 sbasios08 Rejected: No TheTVDB.com or TVMaze.com link
dynasty 2019-04-28 lulubell42 Rejected: No TheTVDB.com or TVMaze.com link
Fuh se Fantasy 2019-05-01 santah Added
Yemin 2019-05-01 santah Added
Shop Smart, Save Money 2019-05-01 Sair Added
The Surgery Ship 2019-04-29 singa Added
First Responders Live 2019-04-30 santah Added
In the Americas With David Yetman 2019-04-29 santah Added
Straight Forward 2019-04-28 sofieamalieb Added
Levius 2019-04-28 shangdaemon Added
Eagles 2019-04-29 santah Added
Inazuma Eleven Orion no Kokuin 2019-04-27 Borutouzumakilover Rejected: No TheTVDB.com or TVMaze.com link
Death at the Mansion 2019-04-26 dccar38 Rejected: No TheTVDB.com or TVMaze.com link
Your Home Made Perfect 2019-04-27 Sair Added
Hurricane: The Anatomy 2019-04-27 jt4703 Added
Sex on the Couch 2019-04-27 McFLY Added
LEGO Masters (AU) 2019-04-28 santah Added
Special Forces - Ultimate Hell Week (Ireland) 2019-04-28 santah Added
Skyscrapers: Engineering the Future 2019-04-27 jt4703 Added
Superstructures: Engineering Marvels 2019-04-27 jt4703 Added
Bless This House 2019-04-26 madmix Added
Wise Man's Grandchild 2019-04-27 santah Added
Ripley's Believe It or Not! (2019) 2019-04-26 santah Added
The Redline 2019-04-23 pklongball Rejected: No TheTVDB.com or TVMaze.com link
Marvel's Hawkeye 2019-04-25 santah Added
Street Food 2019-04-25 santah Added
Savage Builds 2019-04-25 cookieguru Added
Zoo Vets 2019-04-24 singa Added
Rome's Chariot Superstar 2019-04-24 McFLY Added
I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson 2019-04-24 McFLY Added
Birthday Wonderland 2019-04-24 santah Added
Major League Legends 2019-04-23 ameriplan Added
Sex Tape 2019-04-23 santah Added
Vernon Subutex 2019-04-22 ellylldhan Added
The Bad Seed (NZL) 2019-04-21 jotams Rejected: Already available here: The Bad Seed
Clink 2019-04-19 rickyx Rejected: added
Bonding 2019-04-19 lsea69 Rejected: added
Earth from Space 2019-04-18 television Added
Halo 2019-04-18 gumbo Added
The Bad Seed 2019-04-18 paulathomson Rejected: Link says "Invalid series" on thetvdb
Your Face Sounds Familiar (BG) 2019-04-17 cybalkan Added