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Super Sentai Season 19 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Invasion! 1999
2Assemble!! Chōriki Sentai!
3Crisis! Secret of the Chōriki
4Bizarre!! Papa is an Iron Man
5Fierce Love!! The Burning Brothers
6Fearsome Foe! A Thinking Machine
7Complete!! The Chōriki Robot!
8Clash!! Super Giant Battle!
9Out of Nowhere!! A Traitor!
10He's Here!! It's a Thief
11Submit! The Refrigerator of Love
12Explosion!! Baby
13Mirage! The Dog of the Gods
14I Love You, Pinocchio!
15My Friend! Rest in Passion!!
16Naughty!! The Future Boy
17The Stolen Transformation Brace
18A Father's Unusual Love
19New Robot: Red Shock!
20100 Iron Punches!!
21The Storm-Calling Kendama
22The Secret Combination Order!!
23The Last Swimsuit...
24The Laughing Man of Nostalgia!!
25The One-Shot Festival Match
26The 6 Hundred Million Year Old Young Warrior
27The King's Galliant Entrance
28Behold! The Miracle Fortress!
29Dance! The Invasion Cram School
30The World's A-Snooze!
31Door-to-Door Diet
32The Terrifying School Nightmare
335 Robot Rampage
34The Emperor's Final Challenge
35A Violent Explosive Jerk
36Direct Fart Attack!!
37I am Gunmazin
38A Majin's Life Isn't Easy
39The Prince Dies in a Duel
40The Mysterious Princess Appears!
41A Dangerous Pair!!
42The Sentai's Public Execution!!
43Seven Transformations Are the Key
44The World's Greatest Beauty
45Destruction!! The Chōriki Base
46Earth's Final Day!!
47Rise! Shine! Be Reborn!!
48Heroes of Love!
SpecialChouriki Sentai Ohranger: The Movie
SpecialChouriki Sentai Ohranger: Ole vs. Kakuranger