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Super Sentai Season 45 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1The World of Kikai is Kikikaikai!
2The Gao Beast is Troublesome!
3A Serious Witch!
4It's Huge and Noisy!
5A Sushi Tournament!
6Unpleasant and Mysterious Garbage Handling!
7The Prince of the Demon World is Short-Tempered!
8Door to Door from Another World?!
9World Pirates, Pleasant Twokai!
10Blue Sky Day and Night!
11Everyone's Playing Tag?!
12Super Slow Snail, a Mussel!
13Recycling Once Again!
14Duel! Zenkai VS Twokai!
15Tune in! A Sharp Turn into Retro!
16It's a Magnet at its Limit!
17Nununu Occult Club!
18Life is Short, Fall in Love at Full-Force!
19Zenkai Change, Super Zenkai!
20Swordsman and World Pirate, A Brother's Promise.
21Giant Monsters of Great Destruction!
22Let's Have a Bullfighting Party!
23Three Great Combos, The Biggest Battle on Earth!
24The Invasion is Complete! Can You Recapture it?!
25Start Over! Zenkaiger-kai!
26Remodeled Prince and Dark Surgeon!
27A Great Voyage Through Seven Worlds!
28Weekly Shonen Manga World of Great Illustrations!
29Do You Know The Prince's Aim?
30Is the Machine Next Door Persimmon-Eating Destruction?!!
31Full Combination! New Release!
32Sakasama Gets Angry! Is That a Monkey?
33Great Teacher Demon Master!
34Pumpkin Carving Competition!
35Diamond ◆ A Big One?!
36The Surprisingly Shocking Great Kidnapping!
37Grudge Radish, Deep Roots!
38Your Ancestors! Great Spirit World
39Infinite Happy Birthdays!
40Rescue My Father, One Chance!
41The Slippery Depths of the Noodle Swamp!
42New Hero! Secret Meeting!!
43The Weather Chicken's Head is Directly Opposite the Wind!
44SD Equals Small Plus Deformed?!
45Is it the Lowest Fortune?!
46A Little God Who Jumped Out!
47Enter The Palace! I'm Proud Even In Front of The Boss!
48Sky Full of Stars, The Dynasty Collapses!
49My World, Everyone's World
SpecialKikai Sentai Zenkaiger The Movie: Red Battle! All Sentai Rally!!
SpecialKikai Sentai Zenkaiger vs. Kiramager vs. Senpaiger