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Super Sentai Season 47 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1I am the King
2A King for Whose Sake
3Devotion to Selfishness
4A Lordly Reception
5The King of Winter is Coming
6Return of the Prince
7Wrath of a God
8King and Prince In Trial by Combat
9Gira on the Run
10The Fabled Guardian Deity
11Mysterious! The Man in the Spider Mask
12The Sixth King
13Angry Spider
14Together with Moffun
15A Visit to Suzume
16The 10-Year-Old Chief Justice
17The King Does Not Flee
18The Crown of Beginnings
19Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger
20Duel of King and King
21Push Forward on the High Road
22Great Gathering of Shugods
23Shugoddam's Moving Castle
24King of the In-between VS King of the Abyss
25War of The Kings and The People
26Birth of a New Kingdom
27Arrival of The Uchu King
28Shuffle Kings!
29Disqualified as King
30Frozen Scales
312000 Years of Love
32Encounter! Kyoryu!
33Shugo! King and Kyoryu!!
34Shugo Mask Strikes Back
35Don't Cry, Slack-Jawed Tanuki
36Hymeno's Matchmaking Strategy
37Iroki's Rebellion
38Steadfast Idol Debut
39N'Kosopa Summit Battle
40I am a King and a Prince
41Time to Save the Universe
42The Secrets of King Rcules
43The Overlord's Deadly Sin
44Proof of the Kings! The True Alliance of the Six Kingdoms
45Those Who Inherit the King
46Know the Beauty of Life
47Silence God
48Farewell, Dear People
49The King is Here
50We Will Rule the World
SpecialOhsama Sentai King-Ohger: Adventure Heaven