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Super Sentai Season 7 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1The Tailed-People Clan's Challenge
2Warriors Who Chase Dreams
3Bat Hell Flight
4The Rumbling Fossil-Human
5The Evolution Beast's Scary Dream
6Fight to the Death! The Haunts of a Poisonous Snake
7Operation Tokyo Sea of Fire!
8Evil Flower Princess Chimera
9The Do-or-Die Bomb Race
10The Intruder From Outer Space
11The Day Fish Attack Humans
12The Targeted Blood Bank
13The Kidnapped Brides
14Assault, Choroppo Soldier
15Ninjutsu vs. Chimera Witchcraft
16The Big Mt. Aso Explosion Operation
17Fear! Kyushu Major Earthquake
18The Big Tsunami That Attacks Tokyo
19The Fuse is a Red Toxic Flower
20Chase! The Amakusa Sun
21Angry Hokuto's Deadly Sword
22The Great Prank War
23Operation Human Slug
24The Dreadful Comet's Great Approach
25The Mysterious Guffaw Hell
26Intense Fighting! The Solar Lighthouse
27Chirping Cicada: The Sound of Death
28Rescue the Doll-Humans!
29Chimera's Cursed Clothes
30The Enemy is a Geek Evolution Beast
31The Spy Tailed-Person's Trap
32The Missing Power Gun
33I Can't Become Red
34Formidable Enemy! Mechavolution
35Seeking a New Finishing Move
36It Came Forth!! The Finishing Move
37Female General Zenobia
38Rejuvenate! Genius Brain
39Hold it! The Egg of the Tailed-People
40Explosion! Silent Anger
41The Biker Gang Who Disappeared in the Darkness
42Challenge: The Dark Knight
43Shima! You're Blue Lightning
44Explosion! Magma Bomb
45Mama is Zenobia?
46The Saber That Runs Love Through
47An Evil Wish, Ten Tails
48Doctor Yumeno's Big Secret
49The End of General Kar
50The Revived Formidable Enemy
51The Fight That Flew Through Tomorrow
SpecialKagaku Sentai Dynaman: The Movie