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The Adventures of Paddington Bear Season 2 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1A Disappearing Trick
2Paddington Saves the Day
3Paddington Goes to School
4Old Master Paddington
5Paddington and the Pardon
6A Picnic on the River
7A Day to Remember
8Paddington in Spain
9A Most Unusual Ceremony
10Paddington Steps Out
11Paddington Prepares
12Paddington Recommended
13Paddington Goes to the Dentist
14Paddington's Dinosaurs
15Paddington's First Flight
16Paddington Breaks the Peace
17Paddington Takes Off
18Trouble at Number Thirty-Two
19Paddington in a Hole
20Paddington in the Galapagos
21Paddington Strikes a Bargain
22Pantomime Time
23Paddington in Alaska
24A Stitch in Time
25Paddington and the Cold Snap
26Paddington and the Yeti
27Paddington Hits the Jackpot
28Paddington Makes a Clean Sweep
29Paddington at the Olympics
30Paddington And 'Do It Yourself'
31In and Out of Trouble
32Sir Paddington
33A Spot of Decorating
34Paddington in Touch
35Paddington and the Dead Sea
36Goings On at Number Thirty Two
37A Sticky Time
38Corporal Paddington
39Paddington Buys a Share