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The Biggest Loser (Australia) Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeAir DateEpisode Name
1It All Begins
2The First Weigh In
3First Training Session & Temptation
4The First Challenge - Pull a Ferry
5Weigh-In & Elimination
6Contest Event: Holding
7Temptation: $30,000
8Challenge day: Sheep Herding
9Weigh In & Elimination
10Contest Event: Into the Spotlight
11Temptation: 12 Hour Lock-down
12Challenge day: The Valley Stampede
13Weigh in & Elimination
14Contest Event: Boys vs. Girls
15Temptation: 5 Star Dining
16Challenge Day: Hell Hill
17Friday Night Special
18Weigh In & Elimination
19Contest Event: 1 Tonne of Bricks
20Impromptu weigh-in
21Temptation: Box of Chocolates
22Friday Night Special
23Weigh In & Elimination
24Contest Event: Balancing
25Temptation: Iconic Australian Foods
26Challenge: The Quarry
27Friday Night Special
28Weigh-In & Elimination
29Contest Event: Young vs. Old
30Temptation & The Bunker
31Challenge: Young vs. Old
32Friday Night Special
33Weigh-In & Elimination
34Contest Event: Race Yourself
35Temptation: Sushi Bar
36Challenge: Ultimate Athlete
37Friday Night Special
38Weigh-In & Elimination
39Contest Event: Spinning Sweeper
40Temptation: Adriano Zumbo
41Challenge: Tyre Stack
42Friday Night Special
43Weigh-In & Elimination
44Eliminated Contestant Boot Camp
45Make Overs - The Catwalk
46Challenge: Rafting
47Thursday Night Special
48Weigh-In & Elimination
49The Intruders
50Five Weigh-in Passes
51Biggest Loser 'Iron Man'
52Eliminated Contestants Final
53Contest Event: Pool Weights
54Temptation: 24 Hour Lock Down
55Temptation Aftermath
56Weigh-In & Elimination
58Temptation: Cupcakes
59Challange: Teach a Fitness Class
60Thursday Night Special
61Weigh-In & Elimination
62Fear Week in Switzerland!
63Reflection Hike
64Super Challenge
65Thursday Night Special
66Weigh-In & Elimination
67Train the Trainers
70Thursday Night Catchup
71Sunday Night Final Weigh In
72Season Finale
The Biggest Loser (Australia)
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The Biggest Loser (Australia)

The hit show "The Biggest Loser" comes to Australia, taking the country by storm. Hosted by Ajay Rochester - who herself has halved her body weight - and under the expert guidance of American trainers, overweight contestants battle not only for the 200 000 prize, but for their lives, their health and their futures.

Show Info

Airs on:

Ten, Australia at 7:30 pm AEDT


60 min.


In Hiatus


4/5 (1 rating)

More Info: | IMDb | TVMaze

Previous Episode


Episode 28

Local Date:

Mon May 01, 2017

Local Time:

5:30 am



Next Episode

Sorry, no info about the next episode of The Biggest Loser (Australia) is available yet.

The TV show is either in vacation or waiting to start their new season. When information about future episodes becomes available, it will be posted here.

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