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The Block Season 5 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Elimination Night 1
2Elimination Night 2
3Elimination Night 3
4Elimination Night 4
5House Decider Challenge
6The Block Unlocked
7Move into The Block
8Shelley Craft's Challenge
9Room 1 Renovations Continue
10Scotty's Workshop Challenge
11Scott & Shelly walk around The Block
12The Block Unlocked
13Room Reveal
14Shelley Craft's Challenge
15Two-Room Week Continues
16Scotty's Workshop Challenge
17Scott & Shelley walk around The Block
18The Block Unlocked
19Room Reveal
20Shelley Craft's Challenge
21Guest / Powder Room Renovations Continue
22Scotty's Challenge feat Shaynna Blaze
23Renovations and Paint Ball
24The Block Unlocked
25Room Reveal
27Renovations Continue
28Scotty's Workshop Challenge
29Scott & Shelly walk around The Block
30The Block Unlocked
31Room Reveal
33Renovations Continue
34Scotty's Workshop Challenge
35Scott & Shelly walk around The Block
36The Block Unlocked
37Room Reveal
39Renovations Continue
40Scotty's Workshop Challenge
41Scott & Shelly walk around The Block
42The Block Unlocked
43Room Reveal
44Shelley Craft's Challenge
45Renovations Continue
46Scotty's Workshop Challenge
47Scott & Shelly walk around The Block
48The Block Unlocked
49Room Reveal
50Shelley Craft's Challenge
51Renovations Continue
52Scotty's Workshop Challenge
53Scott & Shelly walk around The Block
54The Block Unlocked
55Room Reveal
56Shelley Craft's Challenge
57Renovations Continue
58Scotty's Workshop Challenge
59Scott & Shelly walk around The Block
60The Block Unlocked
61Room Reveal
62Challenge Week Commences
63Challenge Week Renovations Continue
64Scott and Shelley walk around The Challenge House
65Challenge House Room Reveal
66The Block Unlocked
67The Block Auctions Grand Finale
SpecialDomestic Blitz Special