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The Capture
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The Capture

Set in London, The Capture begins with the unjust arrest of an innocent man and soon escalates into a multi-layered conspiracy of manipulated evidence. A spy show for the modern era, it asks - in an age where visual images can be drastically manipulated, yet criminal justice relies so heavily on video evidence - can you always believe what you see?

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The Flip
Mon Sep 12, 2022
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Airs on:
BBC One, UK at 4:00 pm EDT
59 min.
On Hiatus
Created by:
4.21/5 (56 ratings)
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as DI Rachel Carey
as Commander Danny Hart
as DSU Gemma Garland
as Frank Napier
as DS Patrick Flynn
as Nadia Latif
as DSI Tom Kendricks
as Shaun Emery
as Hannah Roberts


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Latest comments

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by posted
Oh my, I can definitely say I enjoyed S2 quite a bit more than the first. Properly riveting.
by posted
g371 said:
This simply is a pure masterpiece.

Ok Ok I'll give it a look. :)
by posted
Just finished. I liked s2 a lot better too.
by posted
lighton said:
Finally finished season 2. I found it less gripping than the first season, but it's still a show I recommend! :)

I actually preferred it to the first season.
by posted
Finally finished season 2. I found it less gripping than the first season, but it's still a show I recommend! :)
by posted
This simply is a pure masterpiece.
by posted
This just keeps getting better, endless twists and turns.
by posted
Sprinkled in some woke trash "i'm wrong color, i have no 2nd chances", but still good. I love the premise, pretty sure we will have this issue in next 20 years.
by posted
g371 said:
It's back.

Oh, cool! :)
by posted
It's back.