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The Ellen DeGeneres Show Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeAir DateEpisode Name
1Sep 13, 2010Lady Gaga (MTV Video Music Awards)
2Sep 14, 2010Lauren Graham
3Sep 15, 2010Jane Lynch
4Sep 15, 2010Ben Affleck
5Sep 17, 2010Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
6Sep 20, 2010Courteney Cox
7Sep 21, 2010Hugh Laurie
8Sep 22, 2010Brooke Shields
9Sep 23, 2010Ed Helms
10Sep 24, 2010Jimmy Smits
11Sep 27, 2010LL Cool J
12Sep 28, 2010John Stamos
13Sep 29, 2010Patrick Dempsey
14Sep 30, 2010Anthony Hopkins (Ellen Hits Broadway)
15Oct 01, 2010Jennifer Grey (Breast Cancer Awareness Show)
16Oct 04, 2010Ellen Pompeo
17Oct 05, 2010Jenny McCarthy
18Oct 06, 2010Felicity Huffman
19Oct 07, 2010Howie Mandel
20Oct 08, 2010Michael C. Hall
21Oct 11, 2010Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino & Karina Smirnoff
22Oct 12, 2010Bruce Willis
23Oct 13, 2010Minnie Driver
24Oct 14, 2010Simon Baker
25Oct 15, 2010Eva Longoria Parker
26Oct 18, 2010Russell Brand
27Oct 19, 2010Chris O'Donnell
28Oct 20, 2010Jeff Foxworthy
29Oct 21, 2010Clint Eastwood
30Oct 22, 2010Wanda Sykes
31Oct 25, 2010Hilary Duff
32Oct 26, 2010Greyson Chance
33Oct 27, 2010David Beckham
34Oct 28, 2010First Lady Michelle Obama
35Oct 29, 2010Vanessa Williams (Halloween Show)
36Nov 01, 2010Taylor Swift
37Nov 02, 2010Mariah Carey
38Nov 03, 2010Sofia Vergara
39Nov 04, 2010Portia De Rossi
40Nov 05, 2010James Franco
41Nov 08, 2010Jim Parsons (Day 1 of Game Week)
42Nov 09, 2010Madonna (Day 2 of Game Week)
43Nov 10, 2010Queen Latifah (Day 3 of Game Week)
44Nov 11, 2010Ricky Martin (Day 4 of Game Week)
45Nov 12, 2010Chris Pine (Day 5 of Game Week - Finale)
46Nov 15, 2010Halle Berry
47Nov 16, 2010Diane Keaton
48Nov 17, 2010Russell Crowe
49Nov 18, 2010Eric Dane
50Nov 19, 2010Christina Aguilera
51Nov 22, 2010Justin Timberlake
52Nov 23, 2010Eric Stonestreet
53Nov 24, 2010Dwayne Johnson
54Nov 25, 2010LL Cool J
55Nov 26, 2010Heidi Klum/Ne-Yo
56Nov 29, 2010Alyson Hannigan
57Nov 30, 2010Eva Mendes
58Dec 01, 2010Ben Affleck
59Dec 02, 2010Taylor Swift (Day 1 of 12 Days of Giveaways)
60Dec 03, 2010Hilary Swank (Day 2 of 12 Days of Giveaways)
61Dec 06, 2010Nicole Richie (Day 3 of 12 Days of Giveaways)
62Dec 07, 2010Ty Burrell (Day 4 of 12 Days of Giveaways)
63Dec 08, 2010Katy PerryHelen Mirren (Day 5 of 12 Days of Giveaways)
64Dec 09, 2010Keith Urban (Day 6 of Giveaways)
65Dec 10, 2010Jane Fonda (Day 7 of Giveaways)
66Dec 13, 2010Jamie Foxx (Day 8 of 12 Days of Giveaways)
67Dec 14, 2010Steve Carell (Day 9 of 12 Days of Giveaways)
68Dec 15, 2010Mark Wahlberg (Day 10 of Giveaways)
69Dec 16, 2010Tim McGraw (Day 11 of Giveaways)
70Dec 17, 2010Reese Witherspoon (Day 12 of Giveaways)
71Jan 03, 2011Ray Romano
72Jan 04, 2011Jimmy Kimmel
73Jan 05, 2011Macy Gray
74Jan 06, 2010Tom Selleck
75Jan 07, 2011Ryan Gosling
76Jan 10, 2011Dennis Quaid
77Jan 11, 2011Paula Abdul
78Jan 12, 2011Jenny McCarthy
79Jan 13, 2011Ricky Gervais
80Jan 14, 2011Vince Vaughn
81Jan 17, 2011Seth Rogen
82Jan 18, 2011Jennifer Lopez
83Jan 19, 2011Natalie Portman
84Jan 20, 2011Amy Poehler
85Jan 21, 2011Jeff Bridges
86Jan 24, 2011Minnie Driver
87Jan 25, 2011Drew Brees
88Jan 26, 2011Ellen's Surprise Birthday Party!
89Jan 27, 2011Anthony Hopkins
90Jan 28, 2011Shemar Moore
91Jan 31, 2011Jesse Tyler Ferguson
92Feb 01, 2011Julianna Margulies
93Feb 02, 2011The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
94Feb 03, 2011Jennifer Aniston
95Feb 04, 2011Super Bowl Show
96Feb 07, 20111,300th Show!
97Feb 08, 2011Matthew Perry
98Feb 09, 2011Justin Bieber
99Feb 10, 2011Clay Matthews
100Feb 11, 2011Ricky Martin
101Feb 14, 2011Lady Antebellum
102Feb 15, 2011Randy Jackson
103Feb 16, 2011Liam Neeson
104Feb 17, 2011Howie Mandel
105Feb 18, 2011Cory Monteith
106Feb 21, 2011Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino
107Feb 22, 2011Aaron Rodgers
108Feb 23, 2011Kellie Pickler
109Feb 24, 2011Pam Anderson
110Feb 25, 2011Game Week Finale
111Feb 28, 2011Hugh Laurie
112Mar 01, 2011Heidi Klum
113Mar 02, 2011Matt Damon
114Mar 03, 2011Wanda Sykes
115Mar 04, 2011Jerry O'Connell
116Mar 07, 2011Paris Hilton
117Mar 08, 2011Ellen Pompeo
118Mar 09, 2011Valerie Bertinelli
119Mar 10, 2011Tyra Banks
120Mar 11, 2011Ryan Phillippe
121Mar 21, 2011Jimmy Fallon
122Mar 22, 2011Clive Owen
123Mar 23, 2011Vanessa Hudgens
124Mar 24, 2011David Schwimmer
125Mar 25, 2011Matthew McConaughey
126Mar 28, 2011Keith Urban
127Mar 29, 2011Greg Kinnear
128Mar 30, 2011Jennifer Hudson and Savannah Robinson
129Mar 31, 2011Helen Hunt
130Apr 01, 2011Katie Holmes
131Apr 05, 2011Orlando - LL Cool J
132Apr 06, 2011Orlando - Eric Stonestreet
133Apr 07, 2011Carrie Underwood
134Apr 08, 2011Kim Cattrall
135Apr 11, 2011Dwayne Johnson
136Apr 12, 2011Khloe Kardashian Odom & Lamar Odom
137Apr 13, 2011Anne Hathaway
138Apr 14, 2011Kate Walsh
139Apr 15, 2011Jamie Foxx
140Apr 18, 2011Tyler Perry
141Apr 19, 2011Tina Fey
142Apr 20, 2011Robert Pattinson
143Apr 21, 2011Reese Witherspoon
144Apr 22, 2011Gwenyth Paltrow
145Apr 25, 2011Mario Lopez
146Apr 26, 2011Christina Aguilera
147Apr 27, 2011Kristen Chenoweth
148Apr 28, 2011Lady GaGa
149Apr 29, 2011Orlando Bloom
150May 02, 2011Steve Carell
151May 03, 2011Steve Martin
152May 04, 2011John Krasinski
153May 05, 2011Kirstie Alley & Maksim Chmerkovskiy
154May 06, 2011Mother's Day Show
155May 09, 2011David Spade
156May 10, 2011Jennifer Lopez
157May 11, 2011Taylor Swift
158May 12, 2011Shania Twain
159May 13, 2011Colin Farrell
160May 16, 2011Shia LeBeouf
161May 17, 2011Bradley Cooper
162May 18, 2011Patrick Dempsey
163May 19, 2011Josh Duhamel
164May 20, 2011Jessica Alba
165May 23, 2011Ed Helms
166May 24, 2011Tom Hanks
167May 26, 2011John Rich
168May 27, 2011Dolly Parton
169May 30, 2011Meredith Vieira
170May 31, 2011Rob Lowe
171Jun 01, 2011Howie Mandel
The Ellen DeGeneres Show
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The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Hosted by star of Ellen and The Ellen Show, Ellen Degeneres. Featuring a unique mix of celebrity interviews, chart-topping and up-and-coming musical performances, audience participation games, and segments spotlighting real life stories, and amazing talent throughout all age-groups.

Show Info

Airs on:

NBC at 4:00 pm


45 min.


Returning Series

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3/5 (1 rating)

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Liev Schreiber, Brett Eldredge


Fri Jun 09, 2017



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