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The Expanse
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The Expanse

A thriller set two hundred years in the future, The Expanse follows the case of a missing young woman who brings a hardened detective and a rogue ship's captain together in a race across the solar system to expose the greatest conspiracy in human history. "The Expanse" is epic in scale and scope and promises to be Syfy's most ambitious series to date", said Syfy president Dave Howe.

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Aired on:

Amazon, US


60 min.




4.59/5 (556 ratings)

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as James "Jim" Holden
as Naomi Nagata
as Amos Burton
as Chrisjen Avasarala
as Alex Kamal
as Roberta "Bobbie" Draper
as Camina Drummer
as Sadavir Errinwright
as Josephus "Joe" Aloisus Miller


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