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The Hollow Crown - Cast

as Duke of Exeter
as Henry Bolingbroke / King Henry IV
as Henry Bolingbroke / King Henry IV
as Prince Hal / Henry V
as Bardolph
as Westmorland
as Mistress Quickly
as Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester
as Warwick
as Hastings
as Margaret
as Henry VI
as Abbot of Westminster
as Pistol
as Northumberland
as Poins
as Kate Percy
as Sir Edmund Mortimer
as Sir Edmund Mortimer
as Doll Tearsheet
as Richard Plantagenet / Duke of York
as Earl of Somerset
as Suffolk
as Richard III
as Buckingham
as Anne
as Queen Elizabeth
as George
as Richard II
as Queen Isabella
as Earl of Northumberland
as Duke of York
as Thomas Mowbray
as Duchess of York
as John of Gaunt
as Duke of Aumerle
as Cecily, Duchess of York
as Lord Chief Justice
as Gardener
as Hotspur
as Worcester
as Glendower
as Shallow
as Lady Northumberland
as Archbiship of York
as Thomas Erpingham
as Duke of Burgundy
as Duke of York
as Archbishop of Canterbury
as Captain Fluellen
as Princess Katherine
as Charles, King of France
as Chorus
as Lord Talbot
as Eleanor Cobham / Duchess of Gloucester
as Bishop of Winchester
as King Louis
as Clifford
as Richmond