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The Last Kids on Earth Cast

as Bardle
as Thrull
as King Wretch
as King Wretch
as Rezzoch
as Globlet
as Belly Buster
as Winged Wretch
as Radio Voice
as Wretch
as Wormungulous
as Tiffany
as Schnozz
as June's Dad
as June's Mom
as Scrapken
as Grrravel
as Water Foul
as Eyeball Monster
as Water Monster
as Narrator
as Camo Beast
as Bug Monster
as Dementacle
as Narrator
as Hydriathon
as Shadow Father
as Shadow Mother
as Winged Wretch 1
as Winged Wretch 2
as Winged Wretch 3
as Spikapede
as Tormentasaur
as Spider Monster
as Stuffie
as The Crossbow
as Announcer
as Aquabite
as Octogrut
as The Book