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The Little Lulu Show Season 3 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1The Haunted House
2The Lucky Gold Piece
3Very Little Lulu
4The Big Egg
5The Little Girl Who Never Heard of Ghost
6The Case of the Missing Perfume
7Wild Boy
8The Whistle Blower
9Elephant Ride
10The Curse of the Thingamajig
11Gone Fishin'
12Out, Out! Darned Spot!
13The Curse of the Thingamajig
14House Guest Blues
15The Monster Hunt
17Mind You Manners
18To Tell the Tooth
19Spaced Out
20Switched at Birth
21The Great Outdoors
23The Great Tubbini
24Shiney, Sheeny, Bouncy-Cleany
25Polly Patrol
26Money Problems
27The Tubby 2000
28No Pain, No Gain
29On the Job
30Tragic Magic
31First-Aid Brigade
32Matinee Madness
33It's a Dog's Life
34Lulu Stays Put
35Shoeless Lulu
36Star Search
37The Untold Story
38Amok in the Mall
39The World Record
41The Great Golf Club Chase
42Jumpin' Jellybeans!
43Iggy and the Ice Cream Factory
44Game Show Gaffe
45Art Frenzy
46Order in the Court
47Maybe Use Sugar
48Road Trip
49Bicycle Built for Too Many
50Tax Time Trouble
51Mayor for a Day
52Hooky Holiday
53Red Tape Run-Around
54Country Clubby Tubby
55Dancin' Fools
56Hop Hazards
57School Play
58The Unnatural
59The People's Choice
60Super Lulu
61Tubby Kicks the Habit
62How the West Was Lost
64Bull Dozer Blues
65Telethon of Fallen Stars
66What's Fair is Fare
67Malpractice Makes Perfect
68Involuntary Volunteers
69Mobile Masterpiece
70Castaway Kids
71Wrestling Away
72Never Too Late
73Tubby on Ice
74Dr. X's Xtremely Xelent X-Ray Spex
75Iggy's New Leaf
76The Great Escape
77You Do the Math
78The Little Lola Show