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The Magicians
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The Magicians

The show pivots around a group of New York-based twenty-year-olds embroiled in a world where magic exists. Sera Gamble, former Supernatural showrunner, and In Plain Sight's John McNamara are on board as executive producers and writers for the project.

Also known as: The Magicians (2015)

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Aired on:
SyFy, US
45 min.
4.22/5 (242 ratings)
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as Julia Wicker
as Alice Quinn
as Margo Hanson
as Eliot Waugh
as Quentin Coldwater
as Kady Orloff-Diaz
as William "Penny" Adiyodi
as Dean Henry Fogg


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Latest comments

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by posted
sentient said:
But I don't want them to stop.

I agree. This season has been weird as hell but in a good way.

AGREED... What an ending too!

I love(d) this show <3
by posted
Lollie said:
But I don't want them to stop.

I agree. This season has been weird as hell but in a good way.
by posted
But I don't want them to stop.
by posted sums it up:

As TV shows go on, cast and creator salaries go up, even as viewership may decline. Eventually that equation results in only one result: cancellation.
by posted
inkblot said:
The Magicians was a little tough getting started for me. But after 3 episodes I loved all the main characters. It kind of reminded me of Harry Potter but an adult version. Will miss it. But I hope it gets picked up by another network.

Having read, and only kind of liked the books before the series came out I can't relate to not being engaged right away, inkblot, but yeah even the book jacket for the copy I picked up had a little blurb similarly comparing it to Potter.

Anyway here are a couple of decent articles about the cancellation and the attempt to shop it around... unfortunately The Magicians fan base hasn't been as vocal as Sanditon's.
by posted
TheFizza: please don't quote everything when you can quote way less. I fixed your two last posts.

I agree with you and inkblot regarding The Magicians. I don't have lots of hope it'll get picked up by another network though.
by posted
(ADMIN: The following posts all have the same timestamp, they were moved here from the "Ending or Canceled TV Shows for the 2019-20 Season" thread)

scorpius074 said:
'The Magicians' To End With Current Season 5 On Syfy

To be fair it's been on awhile and they've done quite an excellent job... They saved the world multiple times and did it they're own way. So while I'm very sad, at least they had a great run. Plus it is rare that a series will outlast the leave-taking of it's main character.

And IMO The Magicians was a waaaaaay better television series than books, which is usually not the case... So double kudos!

That being said I'll miss you most of all Margo!
by posted
Haha, Season 3 didn't make sense and didn't even register. :cool:

Guess we'll have to see then when it ends exactly...
by posted
lighton said:
The end is just around the corner for The Magicians. The current fifth season of the fantasy drama series will be its last; the April 1 Season 3 finale will serve as series finale.

Weird... shows it'll last for another week.

Well, first of all, my takeaway from that Deadline announcement was the Season 3 finale part. :cool:

Other than that, most sources are stating that season five will end on April 1st, 2020. TVMaze and IMDb says 5x09 Cello Squirrel Daffodil will air on March 4th, and 5x10 Purgatory on March 11th. But if you compare that to theTVDB, you see there is no March 4th air date; it jumps straight to March 11th. Most sources seem to be following the same airdate info that you also see on TVMaze and IMDb.
by posted