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The Mysterious Benedict Society
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The Mysterious Benedict Society

The Mysterious Benedict Society follows four gifted orphans who are recruited by an eccentric benefactor for a secret mission. Placed undercover at a boarding school known as The Institute, they must foil a nefarious plot that has global ramifications while creating a new sort of family along the way.

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48 min.




3.75/5 (24 ratings)

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Key Features and Themes

gifted childrensecret missionboarding schoolnefarious plotorphan protagonistseccentric benefactorcreating familyundercoverglobal ramificationsteam dynamics


as Mr. Benedict
as Milligan
as Number Two
as Rhonda Kazembe
as Reynald "Reynie" Muldoon
as Kate Wetherall
as George "Sticky" Washington
as Constance Contraire
as Ms. Perumal


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Latest comments

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by posted
TeaAndApathy said:
I like "Kate"'s acting, but the others aren't as good at it. Am I expecting too much? It seems like British child actors do better than American ones.

Interesting... at first I thought that her acting was the least convincing of them all! :D But then I thought maybe they just wanted her character to be portrayed exactly like this. :)
by posted
TeaAndApathy said:
Kristen Schaal is a kick!

She sure is! I liked her character's introduction in The Last Man on Earth. It was so funny.
by posted
I've only started watching 1x2, but I already want to read the book.

I like "Kate"'s acting, but the others aren't as good at it. Am I expecting too much? It seems like British child actors do better than American ones.

Kirsten Schall (sp?) is a kick!
by posted
Constance Contraire is so adorable. She dresses like a pampered, spoiled girl (really cute) and not at all like an orphan but that's ok. I think the 4 kids are each supposed to be from orphanages?

I was kind of surprised to learn the (cute, pint size) actress is Russian, born in Moscow, Russia.
by posted
Yeh i was impressed of 1x1 and liked the riddle of 1x2 and was eager to continue watching but then it increasingly lost its momentum for me and by now at 1x05 i still continue watching but the excitement is kinda gone.
by posted
proteinnerd said:
Is it aimed at kids like the trailer made it look?

Thankfully my impression from the trailer turned out to be correct so far: it's kid-compatible (some say age >8), not aimed at (only) kids.

Some of the lines are clearly aimed at an adult audience. :)
by posted
Is it aimed at kids like the trailer made it look?
by posted
Wow, wow, wow! :O I can't believe how good 1x1 was! :O I've enjoyed watching it even more than, and that's saying something! :) Of course, this show is totally different, but SO GOOD! Funnily enough, both shows have a strong 70s retro vibe. :)

Do yourself two favors:
1) watch 1x1
2) watch it with your full attention (or you'll miss many of the nuances/ easy-to-overlook humor)

I really hope they can keep up this quality for the rest of the season.
by posted
It does look like a kids show, but I'll give it a shot because it looks funny.
by posted
looks like a kids show...