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The Penguins of Madagascar
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The Penguins of Madagascar

The daily adventures of penguins living in New York's Central Park Zoo. The stars of the 2005 film "Madagascar" are set to dress up the small screen as spies in this Nickelodeon series.

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Aired on:
Nick, US
30 min.
4.69/5 (16 ratings)
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as Skipper
as Kowalski
as King Julien XIII
as Marlene
as Roger


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Latest comments

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by posted
BlackBox said:
awesome show, i love it

are there more eps out yet then season 2x12?

I got all episodes up to 2x23 ;)

that is good for errr you but what about me? :P

but luckily i just could find them too :)
by posted
HomerS said:
awesome show, i love it

are there more eps out yet then season 2x12?

I got all episodes up to 2x23 ;)
by posted
awesome show, i love it

are there more eps out yet then season 2x12?
by posted
The upcoming DVD "I Was a Penguin Zombie" has 8 episodes, including one unaired:

I Was a Penguin Zombie
Driven to the Brink (DVD Premiere - Unaired Episode)
Haunted Habitat
Lemur See, Lemur Do
Mort Unbound
Misfortune Cookie
It's About Time
by posted
Well you can find the dvdrip of "New to the Zoo" easily as torrent, but it has no new episodes at all as you can see here ;)
by posted
Lol, I just watched The Penguins of Madagascar: New to the Zoo dvd (only two new eps) and on torrents, but didn't find nothing :(
by posted
I'm a huge fan of this show but totally missed that season 2 is already in an advanced broadcast state. Tracking this show is also hard since the episode order is almost random. The show is also not tracked on The Futon Critic and eztv or bt-chat don't have it either. This renders downloading this show difficult because it's aired in many countries but almost nobody releases it.

For a possible episode order which makes somewhat sense and takes all the DVD realeases into account I suggest Wikipedia.
For season two I suggest searching for an Italian release at isohunt, which has English audio and Italian srt files (you can delete).

Have fun :)
by posted
I was expecting new eps, even on rlslog: Roll out the red carpet for Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private as they waddle to the world premiere of their first, feature-length DVD – with never before seen missions!

by posted
I didn't like it... was expecting a movie, not a clip show...