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The Proof Is Out There Season 2 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1UFOs Caught on Camera
2Strange Frequencies and Water Dragons
3Dog Headed Man and Summoning Spaceships
4Malaysian Toilet Monster & The Buzzer
5Real Excalibur & Texas Teleportation
6Solar Spaceship & Invisibility Cloak
7Two-Headed Serpent & Mummified Monster
8Apocalyptic Lights & Baby Sharkman
9Jetpack Man & Alien Ocean Egg
10Alaskan Sea Monster & Mystery Jungle Jet
11Sasquatch Sounds & Undersea Alien
12Wichita UFO & Booming Sea Sound
13Bigfoot Revealed
14Yeti Sighting / Italian UFO
15Snakelike Sea Monster / North Korean Supersoldier
16Nessie's Cousin and NYC UFOs
17Mutant Mummy and Alien Monolith
18Birdzilla and New Montauk Monster
19The London Serpent and Moon UFOS
20UFO Eruption and Alien Spheres
21Mysterious Sky Moans and Dragon Sighting
22Land UFO and Superhuman Strength
23UFO on Fire and Dinosaur on the Beach
24UFO Window Seat and Lost Underwater City
25Bigfoot's Death Cry and Bird on Mars
26The Nightcrawler and the Beast in the Trees
27The Creeping Horror and Viral Car Jumpers
28Ancient Alien Carvings and Bigfoot 'Shrooms