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The Proof Is Out There Season 3 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Modern Day Dinosaur Sighting, Mysterious Lights Above Norway and Girl Punches Down Tree
2Rubber Duck UFO, Grim Reaper Ice Sculpture and I Killed Bigfoot
3Aswang, Crashed on Mars, and Giant Wolves
4Bigfoot Photobombs Eagle's Nest, Mexican Blackbirds Dive to Their Death, and Human Faced Fish
5Marble Mountain Bigfoot, Waldek Mine Whispers, and UFO Buzzes Jet
6ISS UFO Swarm, Yale Lake Leaf Monster, and Rat King
7Witch's Broomstick, UFOs vs. Volcanoes, and Oakville Blobs
8Hook Island Monster, Skydiver's Plane Stall, and Somalia Freighter Phantom
9Panama UFO Disc, Bloody Red Sea, and the Dyatlov Pass Incident
10Crocodile Monster, Tiktok USO, and Ghost Dog Collar Removal
11Congressional UFOs, New Nessie and Zombie Fish
12Monster in the Attic, Houston UFO and Utah Bigfoot
13Chupacabra, Greatest UFO Photo Ever and Mars Sounds
14Alien Pilots, Carolina Lights and Stone Cold Animals
15Mystery Sea Beast, the Earth is Alive and Shapeshifting UFO
16Hairy Serpents, South Pole Nazis and the Horrible Blob
17UFO Lead, Bigfoot Films, and Lost City in the Gulf of Mexico
18Marfa Lights, Devil Goat and Subway Survivor
19Militant Mermaid, UFOs vs Nukes and Seamonster Chases a Boat
20Alien Sabotage, Ghost Child and Hungry Hungry Sasquatch