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The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder Cast

as Penny
as LaCienega
as Suga Mama
as Michael
as Wizard Kelly
as Kareem
as Principal Hightower
as Bufferina
as Peabo
as Randall
as Vanessa Vue
as Shuggie
as Sebastian
as Rochelle
as Charlie
as Myrtle
as June Bug
as Raquel
as Celia
as Mary Darnell
as Mamie Darnell
as Billy Chang
as Igloo
as Lizzo
as Singing Penny
as Freddy Frito
as Sir Paid-A-Lot
as Lamorne Morris
as Al Roker
as College Penny
as College Michael
as College LaCienega
as College Maya
as College KG
as College Zoey
as College Myron
as College Kareem
as College Dijonay
as Little Rokers
as Ms. Hill
as Melrose
as Kid Capri
as Man-Man
as 12-Year-Old Suga Mama
as 10-Year-Old Charles
as Quanah
as Young Suga Mama
as Julie Chang
as Courtney
as Dominique Dawes
as Gabby Douglas
as Laurie Hernandez
as Maury Povich
as Singing Judge
as Judge Byrd
as Various Voices
as Noah Barker
as Stickman
as Giselle
as Merlin Kelly
as Teenage Oscar
as Middle Aged Suga Mama
as Teenage Bobby
as Teenage Giselle
as Teenage Ray Ray
as Clone Bebe
as Clone Penny
as Clone Oscar
as Clone Trudy
as Macademia
as Emily
as Ms. Brady