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The River
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The River

Series that involves a search for someone who went missing on the Amazon river and uses the footage format used by "Blair Witch Project" and "Paranormal Activity".

Show Info

Aired on:
60 min.
3.75/5 (4 ratings)
More Info:
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as Dr. Emmet Cole
as Tess Cole
as Lena Landry
as Clark Quietly
as Captain Kurt Brynildson
as Emilio Valenzuela
as Andreus Jude Poulaine
as Jahel Valenzuela
as Lincoln Cole


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Latest comments

Post New
by posted
IMO it wasn't scary (more complaints in post #8 ;)), but I've watched all 8 episodes last month and the show kept getting better with each episode. Don't get me wrong, I still think it's mediocre, but it's nice that people are trying new ideas for TV shows.
by posted
Really loves the show, I know most of your don't agree as i seen here but for me it was one of the best horror show I've seen. I don't understand why it was so underrated because it has all the elements for a horror show and more.
I am a big horror movie fan and i really enjoy the show.
Too bad it was canceled.
by posted
Spyder23 said:

Finally some good news!
by posted
by posted
Watching the first half of the pilot was a terrible waste of time...
by posted
Last night was the finale (episode 8 ) and I admit I kind of went on with it since my last post wich was after only 2 episodes I think. While I didn't rush to watch every episodes like I would for Games of Throne or something alike, I was never really disappointed.

A few bad moments, an episode or 2 maybe but overall, it did well for me after all.

Last ep was in the good margin and offered some closure but also staying open for another season. It seems that ABC is taking its time to announce the predicted cancellation giving hope to hardcore fans. There are a few bozos out there saying "It's canceled" but without anything remotly close to come from a reliable or official source except the ratings.

As ratings are the ultimate truth, I suppose it's a made case but, you never know.
by posted
because my girlfriend is watching it, i have seen it also. and i have to say, it reminds me of Lost.. mostly because of jungle part, but mystery also.. the last episode was pretty interesting to watch, there even was a invisible monster, like in the Lost.
by posted
Not watching it then, thanks xarny.
by posted
I've changed my mind and watched the pilot and IT SUCKED. I won't even go into the fact that I'm growing tired of projects that copy BWP and REC without bringing anything original to the table. It hasn't be done in a TV show before (at least to my knowledge) and choosing the Amazon jungle was a good idea. BUT...
1) It's a mess - 2hour pilot has almost everything Lost monster wannabes, possession, voodoo, ghosts - you name it It's like they had 999 ideas and they just HAD to squeeze them into a 90-minute pilot. Why not focus on one-two supernatural occurances?
2) It only tries to be a mystery show - yawn @ typical things for a Lost copycat - flashbacks, characters with a mysterious past, characters that know more than they say... it's all been dore before.
3) It's stupid - All the main characters witnessed so many supernatural scenes I'd go crazy if I were them and get the hell out of there asap. For them it's no biggie.
4) It's not scary - Normally I wouldn't complain, but it's advertised as a part-horror show.

I'll pass.
by posted
I thought I would be a bit annoyed because my Download limit was hurt really bad this month (because of my work) and I don't have much left before the next reset in a week. So to add a 700Mb to it was a bit annoying but I really had nothing else interesting to watch for the night.

But I was surprised to see Joe Anderson (I like the guy, good head, thought he did well in Across the Universe) and Paul Blackthorne (The Dresden Files). And Eloise Mumford is quite the cutie.

The show itself, fine. Nothing to bang your head on the walls and although not really my cup of tea, it could be interesting. I'll probably check the next few episodes. Although I do find that Joe changed his mind at the speed of light and that was bad writing.

I will completly lose interest if it sticks to a some sort of procedural on one mojoshting in each episode. But I'll see.