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The Simpsons Cast

as Homer Simpson
as Marge Simpson
as Lisa Simpson
as Bart Simpson
as Moe Szyslak
as Charles Montgomery Burns
as Lenny Leonard
as Chief Clancy Wiggum
as Seymour Skinner
as Carl Carlson
as Carl Carlson
as Apu Nahasapeemapetilon
as Abraham Simpson
as Nelson Muntz
as Ned Flanders
as Kent Brockman
as Krusty the Klown
as Maggie Simpson
as Maggie Simpson
as Barney Gumble
as Ralph Wiggum
as Dr. Julius Hibbert
as Waylon Smithers
as Groundskeeper Willie
as Sideshow Mel
as Officer Lou
as Officer Lou
as Reverend Timothy Lovejoy
as Reverend Timothy Lovejoy
as Mayor Quimby
as Comic Book Guy
as Comic Book Guy
as Otto Mann
as Selma Bouvier
as Superintendant Chalmers
as Patty Bouvier
as Professor Frink
as Martin Prince
as Martin Prince
as Cletus Spuckler
as Cletus Spuckler
as Squeaky-Voiced Teen
as Jasper Beardly
as Kirk Van Houten
as Kirk Van Houten
as Snake Jailbird
as Sea Captain McCallister
as Sea Captain McCallister
as Hans Moleman
as Gil Gunderson
as Todd Flanders
as Kearney Zzyzwicz Sr.
as Officer Eddie
as Scratchy
as Rainier Wolfcastle
as Disco Stu
as Dewey Largo
as Luigi Risotto
as Rich Texan
as Dr. Nick Riviera
as Dolph Shapiro
as Duffman
as Drederick Tatum
as Judge Roy Snyder
as Judge Roy Snyder
as Troy McClure
as Rod Flanders
as Rod Flanders
as Raphael
as Santa's Little Helper
as Raphael
as Raphael
as Raphael
as Mr. Teeny
as Jacqueline Ingrid Bouvier
as Old Jewish Man
as Lewis Clark
as Julio Franco
as Dr. Marvin Monroe
as Arnie Pye
as Arnie Pye
as Bumblebee Man
as Blue Haired Lawyer
as Scott Christian
as Artie Ziff
as Jerry
as Additional Voices
as Herman Hermann
as Jimmy Carter
as Johnny Tightlips
as Bleeding Gums Murphy
as Additional Voices
as TV Announcer
as Jacques
as Rodger Meyers Jr.
as Bill Clinton
as Jimmy Carter
as Coach Krupt
as Database
as Dr. J. Loren Pryor
as Dave Shutton
as Announcer
as Jesus
as Jerry
as George H.W. Bush
as St. Peter
as Miss Springfield
as Johnny Carson
as Radio Announcer
as Sports Announcer
as Gareth Prince
as Gareth Prince
as George Washington
as Grizzly Shawn
as Joey Crusher
as Benjamin
as Angry Parent
as Acid Brownie Man #1
as Parking Enforcement Worker
as Neighborhood Watch Leader
as Troll
as Acid Brownie Man #2
as I.C.E. Leader
as Life Guards Leader
as Learned Pervert
as Thayer Blackburn
as Ringo Starr
as Paul McCartney
as John Lennon
as Jebediah Springfield
as Rob Gronkowski
as Ungwee Oaf 116
as College Student
as Homer Flanders
as Homer Lovejoy
as Homer Franco
as Homer Van Houten
as Homer Gumble
as Crazy Cat Homer
as Disco Homer
as Homer Brockman
as Comic Book Homer
as Homer Tatum
as Homer Risotto
as Santa's Little Homer
as Helicopter Man #1
as Homer 'Marge' Simpson
as Professor Homer
as Prom Night Mix Tape NFT
as Vomit Clown NFT
as Monkey NFT
as Oats Crowd Members
as Oil Manager
as Radio Operator
as Fossils on Fossil Fuels Announcer
as Paparazzi
as Customer #1
as Commercial Bald Person
as Construction Worker
as Customer #2
as Documentary Narrator
as Otter Homer
as Muscular Homer
as Dog Homer
as Ronald Reagan
as Ronald Reagan
as Gabbo
as Toy Robotic Detector
as Jesse
as Pedalon Employee
as Man on Fire
as Martin's Child #1
as Ashley (Male Hacker)
as Frink Clones
as Canadian Player #2
as Freckled Employee
as Crowd Members
as Ron Rabinowitz
as Jordan
as Refined Canine Dog Food
as Crowd Members
as Man Criticizing Workforce
as Barney Gumble's Mother
as Marge Albertson
as Bert Albertson
as Lizzie Albertson
as Super-Intense-Kid Chalmers
as People by Death Tome
as The Pookadook
as Steve Johnson
as Partygoer #1
as Male Doctor
as Homer Fan #1
as People by Death Tome
as Security Announcer
as Airport Passerby #1
as Hippy Duffman Singers
as Judy's Husband
as Wax Seller
as Get Buzzed Announcer
as High School Student
as Jeremy Jailbird
as Abraham Lincoln
as Religious Leader
as Phantom of the Opera
as Mini Hockey Player
as Hockey Referee
as George R. R. Martin
as Sealnapper #2
as Nom Noms 6 Producer #1
as Robot
as Don Vittorio Di Maggio
as Mickey Mantle
as Nedward Flanders, Sr.
as Rubik's Cube
as John Wick
as Eustace Van Houten
as Baseball Announcer
as Jim 'Jimmy' Jimmerson
as Mr. Costington
as Railroad Hobo
as Laughing Crowd
as Malibu Kevin
as Krusty's Agent #2
as Goofy Clown
as Scuzzo
as Math Clown Teacher
as Leaky Pants
as Joseph Stalin
as Benito Mussolini
as Doctor
as John Travolta
as Clancy Bouvier
as Elf Moldy
as SNPP Employee
as Radio Singing Voice
as Elf Bubbles
as Tattoo Guy
as Dr. Zitofsky
as Loudspeaker Announcement in Shop
as Santa Claus Teacher
as Santa Claus Manager
as Conductor
as Skinner's Secretary
as Cecile Shapiro
as Mr. Winfield
as City Council #1
as City Council #3
as Inaminate Carbon Rod #3
as Nuclear Waste
as Inaminate Carbon Rod #2
as Nuclear Waste
as Smilin' Joe Fission
as Barry Mackleberry
as Loaftime Announcer
as City Council #2
as Demonstrator
as Son in Monroe Ad
as Tom Gammil
as Mother #2
as Receptionist
as Father #1
as Documentation Voice
as Father #2
as Boxing Announcer
as Monroe Ad Voice
as Pawnbroker
as Father #3
as Receptionist
as Jebediah Springfield
as News Announcer
as TV Anchorman
as Scientist #2
as TV Anchorman
as Interviewer
as Bear Remover
as Captor #2
as Scientist #1
as Angry Mob Member #2
as Radio News Reporter
as Girlfriend in Movie
as Angry Mob Member #1
as Sportscaster
as Singing Waiters
as Bowling Receptionist
as Mall Security Guard
as First Man
as Singing Waiters
as Rusty Barnacle Waiter
as Al Simmons
as Man in Audience #2
as Suzie's Dad
as Photography Club Member #2
as Boy at Kwik-E-Mart
as Eugene Fisk's Father
as Man Outside of Kwik-E-Mart
as Bouncer #2
as Man in Audience #4
as Adil's Father
as Adil's Mother
as American Exchange Student
as Airport Escort
as S. W. A. T. Team Member
as Communist General
as Child Crowd
as Child Crowd
as Sketch Artist
as Attorney
as Krusty Souvenirs Salesman
as Merchandiser #2
as Security Guard
as KBBL Guy
as Half-Bald Worker
as Marge's Demons
as News Reporter #1
as Mickey Mouse
as Scam-Fams Councilor
as Homer's Lawyer
as Scammer
as Sentient Treehouse
as Woman with Baby
as Cheating Newlywed
as Lisa's Mindsets
as Derek
as Bread Robber
as Scrotum Szyslak
as Slocum Szyslak
as Num-Chuks Guy
as Mail Carrier
as Nutz App
as Nutz Manager
as FBI Agent
as Charlie
as Hippie
as Don Castellaneta
as Santa Claus
as Devil
as Willie Whatever
as Interviewer #2
as Reporter #2
as Interviewing Crowd
as Booing Crowd
as Interviewer #1
as Gordo's Friend
as Booing Crowd
as Gareth Prince
as Madison's Modified Voice
as Film Student #1's Modified Voice
as Film Student #1
as Larry Doogan
as Institute Council Member
as Crystal Meth Spuckler
as So You Think You Can Dentist Man Screaming
as Tony Lip
as Cartoon Cow
as Sticks
as Party Guy
as Johnny Joe
as Barfing Belgian Munk
as Instrumental Crowd
as Middle Schooler #3
as Superman
as Waiter
as Nehorai
as Comedy Club Audience Member
as Comedy Club MC
as Benjamin
as Tunnelton Man #1
as Benjamin Franklin
as Delegate #2
as Delegate #1
as Alexander Hamilton
as Man in Commercial
as Singing Telegram
as Board Member #3
as Game Show Host
as Commercial Voice
as Dr. Boyle
as Dimoxinal User
as Jake the Barber
as Co-worker #3
as Man in Audience #2
as Evil Laugh
as The House
as Burns' Campaign Manager
as Mudslinger
as Charles Darwin Actor
as Burns Campaign Ad Jungle Singer
as Man at Rally #1
as 'He's Blown it for Sure!'
as Jokewriter
as Personal Trainer
as Man at Rally #2
as Make-Up Artist
as Antoine 'Tex' O'Hara
as 'Get on the Bus, Dancin' Homer!'
as Jamaican Fan #1
as Stadium Announcer
as Unimpressed Fan #1
as Ex-Wife #2
as Annoyed Player
as Jamaican Fan #2
as Dave Glass
as Captain Lance Murdock
as Commentator
as Announcer #2
as Rory's Friend
as Uncle Sam
as Announcer #1
as Springfield Retirement Castle Employee
as Announcer
as Commercial Announcer #3
as Commercial Announcer #1
as Insurance Man
as Leo G. Park
as Monster Truck Rally Announcer #1
as Announcer in Bart's Fantasy
as Animator #1
as Smartline Announcer
as Italian Artist
as Cartoon Squirrel
as 'Porch Pals' Itchy
as 'Porch Pals' Scratchy
as Animator #2
as Hospital Tannoy
as Richie Sakai
as TV Voice #1
as Homer's Cellmate
as Barfly
as Principal Dondelinger
as Bald Critic
as Fat Critic
as Guidance Counsellor McIntyre
as Coach Flanagan
as Boxing Announcer #2
as Cockfighting Announcer
as Blockbuster Channel Announcer
as Boxing Announcer #1
as Watson
as Guy at Theatre
as Jewelry Clerk
as Man in Restroom
as Herb's Mother
as Orphanage Director
as State Trooper
as Board Member #3
as Engineer #1
as Football Announcer
as Saleswoman
as Father McGrath
as Clerk #2
as Farmer
as Lisa's Granddaughter
as Cruise Ship Captain
as Timothee Chalamet
as Cabbie
as Smitty
as Art Student
as Weatherby
as Woman in Queue
as Krusty Show Announcer
as H2WHOA Announcer
as Technician #2
as Mr. Schindler
as Station Announcer
as Anonymous Students
as Anonymous Students
as Imaginary Party Guest #3
as Gloria
as Bait Shop Customer
as Buddy 'Fallout Boy' Hodges
as Radioactive Man
as Mr. Roman
as Obeseus the Wide
as Barnabas
as Emperor Quimbus
as Majora
as Bartigula
as Lisandra
as Gladiator Spectator
as Modus
as Wise Gaius
as Ptolemaic Book Guy
as Lennus
as Kentus Brockus
as Wolfus Rein
as Reverend Lovejoyususus
as Emperor Montimus
as Smithero
as Lisanardo's Father
as Lisanardo's Grandfather
as Bacchus Model
as Moulin Huge
as Diego Rivera
as Vitruvian Man
as Little Caesar
as Original Ray
as Frida Kahlo
as Barticelli
as King Francis I
as El Barto
as Ralphael
as Lisanardo Da Vinci
as Clancy Wiggum (Old Timey)
as Lenny (Old Timey)
as Toulouse-Moetrec
as Le Superintendent
as Andrea del Verrocchio
as Seymour Skinner (Old Timey)
as Cardinal
as Priest Lovejoy
as John D. Rockerfeller Jr.
as Smithers (Old Timey)
as Patty (Old Timey)
as Selma (Old Timey)
as Krusty Doll
as Homer Barbera
as Disney Princess Homer
as Noir Homer
as 8-Bit Homer
as Anime Homer
as Radioactive Man Action Figure
as Noir Smithers
as Male Baker
as Running Crowd
as Yeardley Smith
as Angry Crowd
as Phil Muhlstock
as Marvel Fan
as First QNA Member
as DC Suggestor
as Little Girl
as Steve Fishbein
as Flight Messenger
as Rib-It Guy
as Bald Guy in Wheelchair
as Second QNA Member
as Principal Duggins
as Fennimore
as Improv Shakespeare Actress #3
as Laughing Cyclist
as Injured Person
as Yelling Audience Member
as Turkey
as Improv Shakespeare Actress #2
as Injured Person
as Gazebo Guy
as Black Co-Worker
as The Heartmark Network Channel Network President
as Special Effects Director
as The Professor
as Frankie the Squealer
as President
as Chadlington
as Mr. Rum-Ta-Tum
as Rabbi Rudenstein
as Singing Spucklers
as Singing Spucklers
as The Furry
as Male J.J. Abrams Worker
as Razzle Dazzle's Pizza-Tainment Palace Children
as Person Ordering Food
as Movie Trailer Announcer
as Akira
as Leon Kompowsky
as Nuclear Powerplant Employee
as Bowling Owner
as Skater Owner
as Irish Father
as Personal Chef
as Cheesy McMayor
as Cheering Crowd
as Billionaire Explainer
as Cheering Crowd
as Professor Richard Quillejoie
as Truck Driver
as Sea Captain
as Male Audience Member #1
as Concert Announcer
as Male Audience Member #2
as Lisa's Student #3
as Krusty's Assistant
as Doorman
as Omelet Man
as Confused Worker
as 'He's White!'
as Security Man #1
as $50,000 Home Video Host
as Wrongly Committed Hotline Voice
as Passenger
as Man #2 at Lincoln Memorial
as Thomas Jefferson
as Brad Fletcher
as FBI Agent #1
as House Speaker
as Disgruntled Father
as Steward
as IRS Employee
as Tour Guide
as Singer
as Representative
as Savings & Loans Clerk
as Queens Boy
as Captain
as Man in Lift
as Money Print Employee
as Bob Arnold
as Man #1 at Lincoln Memorial
as Bellhop
as Senator
as FBI Agent #2
as African Statesman
as Security Man #2
as Orderly
as The Chief
as Blue-Haired Patient
as Canadian Football League Announcer
as Ned's Friend #3
as Landscape Architect
as Itchy & Scratchy Show End Credits Singer
as Itchy & Scratchy Show End Credits Singer
as Canadian Football Host
as Ned's Friend #2
as Choreographer
as Cleaner
as Man on Phone
as Man with Parking Ticket
as Man at Yard Sale
as Chuck Ellis
as Doctor
as 'Touch of Death' Combatant
as Man on TV
as Delivery Man
as Race Announcer
as Panicked Smoker
as Fifth Mobster
as First Surveillance Man
as Chocolate Factory Supervisor
as Jack Larson
as Second Surveillance Man
as Prosecuting Attorney
as Movie Announcer
as Emergency Announcer
as 'Wheel of Fortune' Contestant
as Instructor
as Male Worker
as Man on Partyline
as Hyman's Friend
as Academy Award Playhouse Announcer
as Itchy Jr.
as Monsignor Daly
as Martian
as Caller
as Man Seeking Advice #1
as Man Seeking Advice #2
as Rowdy Rabbi
as Scratchy Jr.
as KBBL Host
as Yiddle's Clerk
as Stage Manager
as Additional Voices
as Phineas Q. Butterfat's Clerk
as Mr. Roarke
as 'I Can't Believe They Invented It' Announcer
as Dave Jr.
as Race Announcer
as Skowie
as Joe Theisman
as Race Official
as Emcee
as Video Rental Clerk
as Barfly #1
as 'How's the World treating you, Mr. Gumble?'
as White-Haired Girl
as Paparazzo
as Quimby's Aide
as Coughing Man
as Barfly #2
as Harv Bannister
as Bernard
as Hugh Jass
as Tough Bartender
as Jake the Barber
as Snowball II
as Phineas Q. Butterfat's Clerk
as Worker with Limousine
as Alcoholic #1
as Alcoholic #3
as Falling Worker
as Alcoholic #2
as Sycophantic German Instructor
as Boxer
as Angry Star Wars Fan
as Attack Dog Trainer
as Jill Munroe
as Angry Tourist's Son
as Man in Body Cast
as Shotgun Pete
as Lou Collier
as Candlemaker
as Donut Van Driver
as Crazy Golf Supervisor
as Charlie
as Jewellery Clerk
as Applicant #3
as Angry Tourist
as Trapezoid Scheme Spokesperson
as Repo Man
as Teen in Commercial
as Board Chairman in Commercial
as Wall E. Weasel
as Signor Beaverotti
as Falconer
as Channel 6 News Announcer
as Warehouse Clerk
as Timmy's Baby Teeth Vendor
as Commercial Announcer
as Animatronic Wall E. Weasel
as Fisherman
as Casey Kasem
as NFL Preview Host
as Duff Commercial Announcer
as First Security Man
as Football Player
as Speaking Toy
as Casino Clerk
as Jerry Lewis
as Barfly
as Man in Church
as Brett Gunsilman
as Second Security Man
as Man in Martian Costume
as 'R' Movie Announcer
as Shakespeare Fried Chicken Commercial Singer
as Nick #2
as Justin Sherman
as Chef Rodrigo
as 'Don't Touch Me!'
as Nick #1
as Coach Driver
as Rancho Relaxo Commercial Narrator
as Station Announcer
as Hairdresser
as Hold Voice
as Aristotle Amandopoulis
as Commercial Announcer
as Emcee
as Gomer Pyle
as Frenchman
as Gas Pump Attendant
as Mr. Amazing
as Jimmy's Dad
as Ted Carpenter
as Woodrow
as Colorization Theater Announcer
as Police Radio
as Graceland Tour Guide
as Springfield Mystery Spot Owner
as Umpire
as Hypnotist
as Machine Operator
as Lawyer in Bart's Fantasy
as Mr. Glascock
as Panicking Teacher #2
as Panicking Teacher #1
as Mailman
as Mr. Montone
as Jazz Musician
as Act Two Announcer
as Employee in Commercial
as Lottery Announcer
as Trainee Barber
as Teacher
as Veterinarian
as Mr. Danielson
as Barfly #2
as Dog Pound Supervisor
as Boss in Commercial
as Sanjay Nahasapeemapetilon
as Voice of Doggy Heaven
as Barfly #1
as Yodellin' Zeke
as Hillbilly #2
as Nurse
as Homer's Date
as Girl at Kissing Booth
as Ticket Clerk
as General
as Redneck #1
as 'Ya-Hoo!' Announcer
as Record Producer
as Hillbilly #1
as President
as Redneck #2
as Bartender
as Corpulent Cowboy Clerk
as Recording Technician
as Chairman
as Man in Audience
as Dino-Son
as Dino-Dad
as Prisoner
as Krusty Telethon Announcer
as Man thanking MacGyver
as Angus MacGuyver
as Prison Guard
as MacGyver Preview Announcer
as T-shirt Vendor #1
as Man Hit by Frisbee
as T-shirt Vendor #2
as Roadie
as Stage Manager
as Announcer
as Bart's Manager in Fantasy
as Landlord
as Derek Smalls
as Gravedigger
as Warehouse Clerk #2
as Man in 'Space Mutants VIII'
as Woman in 'Space Mutants VIII'
as Crane Operator
as Warehouse Clerk #1
as Mr. Stanky
as Homeless Man #2
as Newsreader
as Homeless Man #3
as Baby Representative
as Baby At Park
as Body Fat Tester
as Sergeant Carter
as Spine-Melter 2000 Salesman
as Father
as Homeless Man #1
as Tom Brokaw
as Audience Member
as Jurgen
as Unnamed Millennium Student
as Angry Ricky
as Abraham Lincoln
as Guy with Missing Belt
as St. Greeter
as Tracey Ullman Bart Simpson
as Tracey Ullman Lisa Simpson
as Angel Professor
as Man Killed by Arrows
as Football Announxer
as Gorilla Sanctuaries Host #1
as Boat Salesman
as Audience Members
as Audience Members
as Chip Bunyan
as Hooded Portland Guy
as Facial Hairless Portland Guy
as Pirates of the Caribbean Skeleton Announcer
as Audience Members
as Male Portland Audience Member
as Rainbow Bear
as Garth Motherloving
as Willie Nelson
as Shouting Students
as Benjamin
as Santa Claus's Ho Ho's
as Security Manager
as Bus Driver
as Actor playing Santa Claus
as Clifford Burns
as Sideshow Mel's Son
as Random Man
as Marge Robots
as Bride Idle Lady
as Child Audience Members
as Taxi Medallion Man
as German Soldiers
as Russian Men
as German Officer
as Russian Men
as Seaman
as People at Therapy
as Magnesium Man
as Computer AI Message
as Jury Member
as Matthew McConaughey
as Health Department #1
as Gym Coach
as Art Coach
as Baseball Player
as Les Moore
as Bing Voice
as Church Members
as Gingo
as Homeless Man
as Chazz Busby
as Holy Cow
as Church Announcer
as MPR Player #1
as Dr. Callas
as Humanoid Dog Psychologist
as TV Dog Announcer
as Wimbledon Commentator
as Queen's Butler
as TV Voice
as News Reporter #1
as Krusty Product
as Sergeant
as Zadume Magarabad
as Radio Voice
as Mr. Black
as News Reporter #2
as Auditioning Woman #2
as Auditioning Woman #3
as Mr. Boswell
as KBBL DJ #1
as Churchgoer
as Moe Howard
as Public Affairs Spokesman
as Garbage Boat Man
as Insurance Company Man
as KBBL DJ #2
as Sports Commentator
as Balloon Game Man
as Man in Crowd
as Dad in Commercial
as Hairdresser
as Director
as Soldier #1
as Daughter in Commercial
as Beauty Pageant Entry #1
as Pahasatira Nahasapeemapetilon (Singing)
as Pahasatira Nahasapeemapetilon
as Guess Your Age and Weight Man
as Caricaturist
as Duff Blimp Pilot
as Wax Museum Worker
as Soldier #2
as Parade Santa
as Nerd #1
as Charles Larson
as Beauty Pageant Man
as Football Player
as Krusty the Klown Doll
as Man Disposing of Nudes
as Hold Music
as Sailor #2
as King Homer
as Pilot #1
as Wedding Photographer
as Spirit #4
as Zombie Groans
as Zombie #2
as Zombie #3
as Zombie #4
as Zombie #5
as KZNB Announcer
as Shakespeare
as Returning Zombie #1
as TV Announcer
as Man in Crowd
as Spirit #3
as Zombie DJ #1
as House of Evil Owner
as Man Disposing of Body
as Doll Repairman
as Sailor #1
as Tribal Leader
as Pilot #2
as Wedding Usher
as Spirit #2
as Zombie Groans
as Zombie #1
as Zombie DJ #2
as Returning Zombie #2
as John Smith '1882'
as Evil Laugh
as Spirit #5
as Zombie Groans
as John Smith #1
as Hiccuping Man
as Al Capone
as Man in Queue
as Captain Kirk
as Strip Club Announcer
as Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie Trailer
as Groom
as Man Driving Car
as Cinema Clerk
as Star Trek Announcer
as Future Cinema Attendee
as Train Driver
as Adolf Hitler
as Jack Barley
as Pierre Curie
as Man in Street
as Burns' Imaginary Homer
as Retirement Party Singers
as Animal Handler
as Retirement Party Singers
as Fleeing Man
as Crying Man
as Employee with Shotgun
as Donut Man
as Surley Joe
as Retirement Party Usher
as The Headless Breakman
as Gameshow Host
as Clumsy Student Mover
as Kabul Restaurant Employee #2
as Frying Dutchman Chef
as Frying Dutchman Waiter #2
as Conservative Judge
as Executioner
as Man in Jury
as Woman In Crowd
as Man Looking to buy House
as Kabul Restaurant Employee #1
as Frying Dutchman Waiter #1
as Escape from Death Row Character
as Zookeeper
as Man with Letters
as Allan Thicke
as Radio Voice #1
as Cameraman
as Mountain Goat
as Angela Lansburry
as Car Model
as Farmer
as First Man
as Fourth Reich Man
as Plow Salesman
as Man #2
as Kumatsu Motors Man
as Repo Depo Distraction Man
as Ricardo Montalban
as Total Disaster Insurance Man
as Crazy Vaclav
as Chipwich Salesman
as Kim Huang
as Boxing Commentator
as Stickball Child #2
as Krusty's Assistant #2
as Marge's Friend #1
as Grandma Flanders
as House Salesman
as Krusty's Assistant #1
as Clown Bed
as Olympics Commentator #1
as Arnold
as Richard Nixon
as Donut Man
as Suicidal Man
as Video Surgeon
as Man that looks like a Pumpkin
as Kwik-E-Mart Customer
as Surgery Audience
as Gasso Employee #1
as Ambulance Driver
as Health Insurance Salesman
as 'People Who Look Like Things' Host
as Surgery Audience
as Mr. McGreg
as Marlon Brando Impersonator
as Investigative Reporter
as Genghis Khan
as Krusty's Son
as Monorail Switchboard Operator #2
as Cackling Woman
as Siamese Twins
as Child in Lisa's Class
as Mother of Krusty's Son
as Singing Crowd
as Singing Crowd
as Agent Malone
as Man talking to Leonard Nimoy
as Monorail Switchboard Operator #1
as Pilot
as Lanley Institute Commercial Voice-Over
as Sebastian Cobb
as Drunk Fish #1
as Drunk Fish #2
as Man at Funeral
as Hurray for Everything Member
as George Washington Robot
as Aunt Gladys
as Restaurant Waitress
as Hurray for Everything Member
as Selma Through Beer Goggles
as Duff Song
as Man Giving Eulogy
as Low Expectations Dating Service Employee
as Hurray for Everything Member
as Man on Ham Radio
as Surly Duff
as Duff Gardens Security #1
as 'Not A Doctor'
as Sperm Bank Employee
as Abraham Lincoln Robot
as Duff Gardens Security #2
as Woman Driving Car
as Springfield Communist Party Recruiter
as Wings Announcer
as Bigger Brothers Commercial Voice-Over
as Blackjack Dealer
as Baseball Game Announcer
as Corey
as Homer's Conscience
as Robert Frost
as 'William Henry Harrison'
as Police Voice
as Black Weasel
as Yellow Weasel
as Nina Skalka
as Heart Delivery Man
as Krusty the Klown 29th Anniversary Show Announcer
as Duff Brewery Clock
as Commercial Announcer #1
as John F. Kennedy
as Man at Science Fair
as Commercial Man #1
as 'More Tomato?'
as Commercial Doctor
as Prison Guard
as Dad at Science Fair
as Commercial Man #2
as Baseball Commentator
as Window Cleaner
as Gummy Joe
as Droopy-Voiced Man
as Photographer
as Donut Woman
as Child at Dentist's
as Child at Dentist's
as Movie Villain
as Dr. Wolff
as Diamond Thief
as George
as Robots
as Burns' Grandfather
as Wrestling Emcee
as Vultures
as The Beatles
as Pagan Father
as Paint Shop Clerk
as Pagan Mother
as Pagan Son
as Pagans' Neighbours Son
as Pagan Daughter
as Pagans' Neighbour
as Public Service Announcement
as Writer #1
as Audience Member #1
as Child in Action-Figure Man
as Bobby Mindich
as Documentary Narrator
as Cowboy
as Krusty's Chef
as Retirement Home Employee
as Rich Moore
as Animation Awards Announcer
as Audience Member #2
as Mrs. Glick
as Cameraman
as Kwik-E-Mart Customer
as Cola Scientist #2
as Choir Soloist
as Fleeing Snake
as Singing Choir
as Singing Choir
as Man in Itchy & Scratchy Cartoon
as Fort Sensible Actor
as Man in Long Car
as Man in Crowd
as Christian School Teacher
as Cola Scientist #1
as Auditioning Man
as Fort Sensible Security Man
as Man Driving Car
as Antibody #1
as Antibody #2
as Al Bundy
as Policeman
as Man Asking for Marshmallow Squares
as Ranger's Assistant
as Man in Crowd #2
as Japanese Worker #1
as Virus
as Emergency Announcement Voice
as Man Underneath Rug
as Man in Pool
as Doggy Doorman
as Japanese Worker #2
as Steel Drum Player
as Bailiff
as Prison Warden
as Ranger
as Man in Crowd #3
as Springfield Squares Announcer
as Wally Cox
as Charlie Weaver
as Gabbo Announcer
as Casting Director
as Television Announcer
as Litterer
as Elizabeth Taylor's Agent
as Krusty Komeback Special Announcer
as Jacqueline
as Krusty's Assistant
as Auditioning Actress
as Coastguard
as Arthur Crandall
as Tour Guide
as Mr. Johannson
as Krusty Komeback Special Director
as Krusty Komeback Special Assistant
as Gabbo's Vin Scully Impression
as Krusty the Klown Show Disclaimer
as Parasite
as Guatama Buddha
as Skip Angry
as Christopher Columbus
as Genevieve Bouvier
as Siddmartha
as Meaux
as Herb Tannenbaum
as Seagull #2
as Steve Mobs
as Seagull #1
as Antoine
as Coders
as Duff Talking Tattoo
as Ding-A-Ling Bros. Circus Ringmaster
as Dick Cheney
as Hug-A-Bull
as Dancing Santa
as Al Gore
as Sipper McTea
as V. A. Psychiatrist
as Rich Airport Manager
as Old Springfield Mayor
as U. S. Ultimate Beast Blaster Host
as MacDill
as Roller Coaster Romance Host
as Car Radio Newsman #1
as Eunice Bouvier
as Springfield Power Plant Employees
as Eddie Muntz
as Film Studio Employee #2
as Bart Cactus
as Lisa Cactus
as Film Studio Manager
as Old Film Director
as Random Boyfriend
as 'When Soft Men Do Hard Time Announcer
as Lighthouse Owner
as Kid in Horror Movie
as Dimitri Nigelovonovitch
as Tennis Gamer
as Audience Member
as Calgary Games Leader
as Korean Airport Lady
as Italian Baseball Gamer
as The Great British Boiling Show Announcer
as Youth Orchestra Students
as Leprechauns
as Female Sibling
as Youth Orchestra Students
as Graduate Ceremony Man
as Geoffrey
as Onni Korhonen
as Paolo Paoletti