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The Thick of It
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The Thick of It

A witty, intelligent and vulgar ensemble comedy about inefficient politicians, their lackeys, suck-ups, enemies and those who do the dirty work. If "The West Wing" were British, pessimistic and true. Shot in a mockumentary type style reminding one of "Curb Your Enthusiam", "The Office" and "The Larry Sanders Show".

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30 min.
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4.33/5 (9 ratings)
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as Oliver Reeder
as Glenn Cullen
as Malcolm Tucker
as Terri Coverley
as Hugh Abbot


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by posted
And the fourth is truly the best one, 4x06 was perfectly written and executed.
by posted
Finished the third series, soooo much better than the first two.
by posted
For some reason I find Nicola Murray (Rebecca Front) a much better lead than Hugh Abbot.
by posted
The Thick of It

The action centres on the fictitious Department of Social Affairs and Citizenship ("DoSAC" – previously the Department of Social Affairs, or "DSA", prior to the reshuffle of episode five), which supposedly came out of the prime minister's passing enthusiasm for "joined-up government". Thus it acts as a "super department" overseeing many others, which enables different political themes to be dealt with in the programme, similar to the Department for Administrative Affairs in Yes Minister.

I'm only at the second series (which is like series 1.5, since both are only 3 episodes long) and this is great. A dark satire of goverment, not only the British goverment, but goverment in general. People who don't have a flying fuck with what they need to do and fuck up on a daily basis.

A separate paragraph, topic, forum even, should be dedicated to Malcolm Tucker, played by the brilliant Peter Capaldi, the 'boss' of everyone and enforcer of Downing Street. I can't think of words in any language to express how genius this character is, so I'll use some youtube comments:

Never have I seen a character who has so perfectly weaponized the English language.

From 2:35 I have never seen someone look psychotically sinister

It's like eight million scotsmen committed mass suicide and their collective anger and rage coalesced into a single being of pure bile and hate. This guy isn't a human being, he's more like a warp demon from Warhammer

It was a genuinly sad person who flagged this up to the Youtube authorities. It shouldn't. Primary school children should be taught that THIS is the way to swear!

Just when I thought I had already heard the best swearing possible in my life, I ran across a clip from this movie and holy fuck.

The movie in question, In The Loop:

And le'ts not remember about the sister show of The Thick of It, also made by Armando Iannucci, Veep.