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The Tom & Jerry Show Season 3 - Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Someone's in the Kitchen with Mynah
2When You Leash Expect It
3Don't Cut the Cheese
4Calamari Jerry
6Drone Sweet Drone
7Home Away from Home
8From Riches to Rags
9Chew Toy
10Live and Let Diet
11Auntie Social
12A Snootful
13Lame Duck
14It's All Relative
15Vegged Out
16Faux Hunt
17Frown and Country
18Lost Marbles
19Vocal Yokel
20Hamster Hoopla
21Tuff Shooting
22Anger Mismanagement
23Vampire State
24It Aint Over Until the Cat Lady Sings
25Eggstra Credit
26Costume Party Smarty
27Battle of the Butlers
28Kid Stuff
29Stolen Heart
30The Last Laugh
31The Invisible Cat
32Eagle Eye Jerry
33Catching Some Z's
35You Are What You Eat
36Not My Tyke
37Everyone into the Pool
38A Head for Science
39Cat Cop
40Dis-Repair Man
41Double Dog Trouble
42Hockey Jockeys
43Hyde and Shriek
44Perfume Party
45The Royal Treatment
46Lightning Bug Blues
47The Beast from the Bayou
48All Cat Jazz
49Alley Oops!
50Magic Hat Cat
51Wrap Star
52Charm School Dropouts
53Driven Crazy
54A Star Forlorn
55Bird Flue
56Tom's Tangled Web
57Saddle Soreheads
58Rosemary’s Gravy
59Eggs on a Train
60Truffle Trouble
61Bars and Stripes
62Cuckoo Clock
63Plant Food
64Whack a Gopher
65Hula Whoops
66A Game of Bones
67Bull Fight
68No Contest
69Calorie Count
70Fortune Hunters
71Game Changer
72Kiss and Makeup
73Suitable for Framing
74Springtime for Spike
75Knighty Knight Knight
76Phan-Tom of the Oompah
77Ballad of the Catnip Kid
78Mirror Image