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The Ultimate Fighter Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeAir DateEpisode Name
1The Quest Begins
2Team Challenges
3Making Weight
4On The Ropes
6The Fight Is On
7Ground and Pound
8Sprawl N Brawl
9Low Blow
10Middle Weight Semi Final #1
11Middle Weight Semi Final #2
12Light Heavyweight Semi-Finals
13Diego Sanchez vs. Kenny Florian TUF 1 Finale
14Forrest Griffin vs. Stephan Bonnar TUF 1 Finale
SpecialunknownUFC 1
SpecialunknownUFC 2
SpecialunknownUFC 3
SpecialunknownUFC 4
SpecialunknownUFC 5
SpecialunknownUFC 5 Part 2
SpecialunknownUFC 108 Evans Vs Silva Part 1
SpecialunknownUFC 108 Evans Vs Silva Part 2
SpecialunknownUFC Ultimate 100 Greatest Fights 1
SpecialunknownUFC Ultimate 100 Greatest Fights 2
SpecialunknownUFC Ultimate 100 Greatest Fights 3
SpecialunknownUFC Ultimate 100 Greatest Fights 4
SpecialunknownUFC Ultimate 100 Greatest Fights 5
SpecialunknownUFC 95 Sanchez vs Stevenson 1
SpecialunknownUFC 95 Sanchez vs Stevenson 2
SpecialunknownUFC 97 Redemption 1
SpecialunknownUFC 97 Redemption 2
SpecialunknownUFC 112 - Invincible (Abu Dhabi)
SpecialunknownUFC 116 Lesnar vs Carwin
SpecialunknownUFC Primetime - Evans vs Jackson Part 1
SpecialunknownUFC Primetime - Evans vs Jackson Part 2
SpecialunknownUFC The Best of 2008
SpecialunknownUFC The Best of 2009
SpecialunknownUFC Ultimate Fight Night 20
SpecialunknownUFC Ultimate Knockouts 6
SpecialunknownUFC Ultimate Knockouts 7
SpecialunknownUFC Ultimate 100 Knockouts
SpecialunknownUFC 158
SpecialunknownUFC 157
SpecialunknownUFC 156
SpecialunknownUFC on Fuel 9 - Mousasi Vs Latifi
SpecialunknownUFC on Fox 6 - Johnson vs Dodson
SpecialunknownUFC Best of 2012 Year In Review
SpecialunknownUFC 6
SpecialunknownUFC 6 Part 2
SpecialunknownUFC 7
SpecialunknownUFC 7 Part 2
SpecialunknownUFC 8
SpecialunknownUFC 8 Part 2
SpecialunknownUFC 9
SpecialunknownUFC 9 Part 2
SpecialunknownUFC 10
SpecialunknownUFC 10 Part 2
SpecialunknownUFC 11
SpecialunknownUFC 11 Part 2
SpecialunknownUFC 12
SpecialunknownUFC 12 Part 2
SpecialunknownUFC 13
SpecialunknownUFC 13 Part 2
SpecialunknownUFC 14
SpecialunknownUFC 14 Part 2
SpecialunknownUFC 15: Collision Coarse
SpecialunknownUFC 15 Part 2
SpecialunknownUFC 16: Battle in the Bayou
SpecialunknownThe Voice vs Michael Jai White
SpecialunknownUFC Fight Night 29
SpecialunknownUFC 167 Preliminary Fights
SpecialunknownUFC 167 Post Show
SpecialunknownJohnson vs Benavidez II
SpecialunknownUFC on FOX 9 Prelims
The Ultimate Fighter
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The Ultimate Fighter

Sixteen men from across the Americas travel to Las Vegas with one dream, one goal - to become The Ultimate Fighter. Determination. Discipline. Excellence. These young men are accomplished athletes, disciplined in wide range of mixed martial arts that include wrestling, boxing, judo, Jiu-Jitsu, karate and kickboxing.

Show Info


Airs on:

Fox Sports, US at 9:00 pm


45 min.


Returning Series


2.83/5 (6 ratings)

More Info: | IMDb | TheTVDB




Previous Episode


The Ultimate Fighter Finale Early Prelims: Dos Anjos vs Usman (+2 more)


Fri Nov 30, 2018


13, 14, 15

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The TV show is either in vacation or waiting to start their new season. When information about future episodes becomes available, it will be posted here.

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