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The Wheel of Time
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The Wheel of Time

The Wheel of Time is based on Robert Jordan's series of fantasy novels. At the center of the Wheel of Time's diverse cast of characters is Rand al'Thor, a seemingly average young man who is destined for something bigger ...

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What Was Meant to Be
Fri Oct 06, 2023
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Prime Video, US at 3:00 am
63 min.
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3.92/5 (237 ratings)
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as Moiraine Damodred
as Egwene al'Vere
as Perrin Aybara
as Nynaeve al'Meara
as Rand al'Thor
as Mat Cauthon
as Mat Cauthon
as al'Lan Mandragoran
as Liandrin Guirale


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Latest comments

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by posted
2x8 - Great season ender, always fun to watch. Glad I don't read the books.
by posted
good ending the baddies kill one another
by posted
2x8, season finale: I loved the Heroes of the Horn scene!

Only two more years till season 3! :D

Sorry to hear that, johgar.
by posted
I stuck it out the first season, but i just can't bring myself to continue after two episodes of season 2. I understand that they need to change things up for TV, but the show just doesn't give me any pleasure in watching. Annoyance or boredom are the closest emotions i get.
Still hoping a really good fantasy show will come out one of these days.
by posted
lighton said:
Hey folks
Registered just for this show. Also read the series. Just want it noted that Matt was definitely not a lovable character to everyone. He is actually a play/parody on Han Solo and what kind of an ass that character can be.

Welcome! :) How did you like the first season?
I was fine with it. There was room for improvement and season two is definitely better
by posted
lighton said:
By the way... Does anyone else chuckle every time they bring out the pacifier witches? :D (Sorry, I don't know their official job description.)

Still enjoying the show!

What in the actual fuck is this? Is this the damane from the Seanchan? Wow, just... wow.

Did they put those in there to like... eliminate all the complex dialogue that shows how truly fucked up the Sul'dam/Damane relationship is?

Where the fuck is Jordan's wife in this? Or Brandon Sanderson's worthless ass? Is he sucking up to get a Stormlight Amazon series greenlit? Cause if they do serves him right if they mess that up.
by posted
"seen not heard" I hope they are not getting paid per line of script...or they really should give them a smaller gobstopper ( uk ) jaw breaker ( yank) .

Poor old Egwene they really did a number on her with her makeup.
by posted
... yes, the pacifier-gags are quite something ;o))) - and the whole collar/leash/gag thing has quite the kink-factor, too. I'm just wondering, how the hell the damane ever change their clothes with those metall thingies on top.

As a fan of the books I have a really hard time to watch the show - but it's like a bloody accident, you know it's awful, but you can't not look. And is it just me who wonders if todays acting schools teach their students to leave their mouths to hang slightly open with a relaxed lower lip all the time? Especially Egwene and Rand seem to have that one down perfectly (if nothing much else).
by posted
By the way... Does anyone else chuckle every time they bring out the pacifier witches? :D (Sorry, I don't know their official job description.)

Still enjoying the show!
by posted
paisley1 said:

Show spoiler.

It's just another example of the show being trash. In the book, the way came but once. I guess the writers of the TV show can't even handle that bare minimum level of book accuracy.

Book spoilers.

In the books it malfunctioned because of an item she was given known as a ter'angreal. I'm definitely not watching the show until it's canceled, but I'm 90% sure it was the Dream ter'angreal that allowed her to access the Dream World. When two similar ter'angreal are near each other they can behave in predictable ways. I honestly forget what the specific malfunction was. I think it was revealed there even was one once she got out and the Aes Sedai said the strain in keeping the way open was immense.

Interesting, very different show to the books then, talk about taking liberties, that'd be frustrating, but ignorance is bliss, I don't mind the show for what it is, but knowing how the writers have desecrated sacred canon/lore like that, seems right on par with my view of the's not supposed to look fake, but everything looks fake. ;) It has that feeling of a Saturday matinee because every set and prop looks like a set and prop, like it's fake; and most of the young cast I can tell are acting, so I never fully suspend disbelief, but I still really like watching it, that's part of it's charm.

Book/Show spoiler
Actually now that I am thinking about it Nynaeve's trial went through with no issues, other than the trauma of dealing with the trail which is rough on all Aes Sedai. It wasn't until Egwene went to the trial with the ter'angreal that there was an issue. I'm guessing the show is condensing again.