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The Winter King
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The Winter King

The scripted drama will adapt Bernard Cornwell's trilogy of Arthurian novels, The Warlord Chronicles. In the first book, Derfel Cadarn, a former warrior sworn to Arthur and now an elderly monk, tells the story of how Arthur became warlord of Dark Age Britain despite illegitimacy to the throne.

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The TV show is either in vacation or waiting to start their new season. When information about future episodes becomes available, it will be posted here.

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Episode Ten
Sun Nov 05, 2023
10 (of 10 ordered)

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Airs on:
Epix, US at 9:00 pm
60 min.
Returning Series
3.5/5 (42 ratings)
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Key Features and Themes

adaptation of a bookarthurian novelsdark age britainwarlordillegitimacy to the throneelderly monk narratorepic sagamedievallegendary herodestiny and prophecy


as Morgan
as Gundleus
as Bishop Bedwin
as Lanval
as Nimue
as Sagramor
as Sansum


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Latest comments

Post New
by posted
Thanks for all the King Arthur show suggestions.
Keep them coming!
by posted
I liked the film that places Arthur as a Roman soldier at the end of the time when Rome was leaving Britain ( 5th Century AD) with Clive Owen as the title & Keira Knightley who looks pretty good all in blue wode. Some good action sequences

King Arthur (2004)
by posted
The only one I've watched is which is a bit of a Smallville take on the character. It was ok but feels very dated now (think I watched a couple years ago). I have in the queue but haven't watched. Haven't watched but I don't think it was as well received as the book, despite the cast.
by posted
merc said:
the funniest bit of the latest eps was when the queen-to-be and Guin almost decide to do a timeshare on Arthur

His sisterwives would definitely be the tops in that relationship!
Show ended in a thud - will it be renewed?
The series finale should have at least given us some sort of interesting storyline.

Anybody know if other King Arthur shows or movies that are any good? Is he mostly lore, or are there actual historical accounts of King Arthur and the Excalibur?
by posted
yeah i started souring a bit once it became clear they were stretching for s2. i may not weekly watch it again next season as that one week where there wasn't an episode it was like i'd never seen it before when it came back.
by posted
so the season is over? what an anti climax
by posted
the funniest bit of the latest eps was when the queen-to-be and Guin almost decide to do a timeshare on Arthur
by posted
After his haircut Derfel would go on to front a darkwave band from a former soviet republic
by posted
well I finaly had another look at the show. Iain De Caesteckers Arthur is to some
extent a reprise of his evil doctor in the virtual world season of Agents of Shield - cold calculatiing and deliberate so nothing new there
by posted
Kanga said:
This show is a sacrilege to English heritage, it felt like someone had just raped the Arthurian legends and I honestly had to take a bath after watching episode one.

Agreed. Nothing can hide from the corporate ideologues and their quest to make everything fake and ghey.