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This Old House Season 43 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Concord: New England Cape
2Concord: Saving What We Can
3Concord: Fix the Foundation
4Concord: Solid Foundation
5Concord: Dormer Day
6Concord: Tree Dr. House Call
7Concord: Masonry Lesson
8Concord: Roughing It
9Concord: Focus On Framing
10Concord: Planting for the Future
11Concord: Smaller Is Better
12Concord: Toasty Cars
13Concord: Race to the Finish
14Concord: Sunshine Power
15Concord: Crafty Finishes
16Concord: Cinderella Story
17West Roxbury: Small Town in a Big City
18West Roxbury: Pruning 101
19West Roxbury: Drain Pipe Puzzle
20West Roxbury: Outdoor Oasis
21West Roxbury: Exploring Flooring
22West Roxbury: Father and Son
23West Roxbury: A Match Made Perfect
24West Roxbury: Boho Chic
25West Roxbury: Focus On Finishes
26West Roxbury: A Modern Victorian
27Saratoga Springs: TOH In Saratoga Springs
28Saratoga Springs: New Vision
29Saratoga Springs: Old Woes
30Saratoga Springs: Secret Gardens
31Saratoga Springs: Raise The Roof
32Saratoga Springs: Up and Away
33Saratoga Springs: Old House New Supports
34Saratoga Springs: Neighbors on Ice
35Saratoga Springs: Amped Up
36Saratoga Springs: Watertight Doghouse Dormers
37Saratoga Springs: Smooth Finish
38Saratoga Springs: Pantry Problems
39Saratoga Springs: A Legacy Restored