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Titanic - Cast

as Mario Sandrini
as Stoker Lyons
as First Officer Murdoch
as Grace Rushton
as Mrs. Thayer
as Churchill
as Seaman Davis
as Captain Smith
as Benjamin Guggenheim
as Eleanor Widener
as Peter Lubov
as Theresa Maloney
as Paolo Sandrini
as Laura Francatelli
as Seaman Scott
as Fifth Officer Lowe
as Alice Cleaver
as J. Bruce Ismay
as Annie Desmond
as Steward Turnbull
as Sixth Officer James Moody
as Giglio
as Madame Aubart
as Emma Sagesser
as Barnes
as Molly Brown
as Earl of Manton
as Chief Steward Lattimer
as Seaman Holmes
as Mabel Watson
as Muriel Batley
as David Evans
as John Jacob Astor IV
as Harry Widener
as Bessie Allison
as Countess of Rothes
as Crewman Strickland
as Lady Georgiana Grex
as Jim Maloney
as Joseph Rushton
as Steward Hart
as Seaman Penton
as Mary Maloney
as Jack Thayer
as Mrs. Gibson
as Billy Blake
as Sir Cosmo Duff-Gordon
as Roberta Maioni
as Dorothy Gibson
as Thomas Andrews
as Second Officer Lightoller
as Lady Duff-Gordon
as Steward Taylor
as Policeman
as Lord Pirrie
as John Batley
as Seaman Hawkins
as Chief Officer Wilde
as Peter Piatkow
as Countess of Manton
as Prostitute
as Fourth Officer Boxhall