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Top Gear (US)
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Top Gear (US)

Top Gear (US) is a reality show that brings together car enthusiasts, celebrities, and comedy. Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled ride as the hosts test drive some of the world's most powerful cars.

From epic road trips to thrilling challenges, Top Gear (US) delivers non-stop entertainment that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Don't miss out on the action!

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Aired on:


60 min.




3.27/5 (11 ratings)

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Latest comments

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by posted
The presenters remind me of the opening of a new store: a big idea, unexperienced people who got the job because someone they know is in the management. After a while, management sees the big mistake they made and fire them.
by posted
US top gear was terrible, they need to replace the hosts pronto. It all feels to rehersed and all the jokes are forced.
by posted
It's dead to me at this point.. The hosts continually kill any chance of it being likable.
I would rather watch "the view"
by posted
Good news , It kinda grew on me...
by posted
HISTORY today announced that the U.S. version of Top Gear, was given the Green Light for season 2. The critically-acclaimed and popular series attracted the youngest viewers of any series on HISTORY ever.
by posted
Nope, they grew up with Cadillacs, moonshine and Texas.
by posted
The third episode at least was a challenge. It translated better the fun factor of TopGear. I do hope they get around into better introducing The Stig. The australian version played with the notion that it could be the same stig as the english one. After the Stig Farm joke on, however, the simply could have started the american season with a clip of the three presenters going to the Stig Farm and picking one up. Talk about a lost oportunity for a joke! I guess the trouble is that the american topgear crew did not grow up with Monty Python.
by posted
OK I saw the third episode and it sucked balls. Big juicy donkey balls.

I hope the next one will be better...
by posted
I agree with herusardo, the americam TG really sucks because it's just lame...

The hosts just have abosultely zip for personality...and they either need to just clone the original or just stop...

The stig intro borders on lame, and the big star small car too is lame....they just need (a) better hosts and (b) someone with flair and imagination and not the crap that's being to people now.

One the other hand the filmography and editing is great
by posted
You've got to place the US show in the US, not compare it to the UK version and expect the same but with American cars. "Reasonably" is probably a word used a lot more in the UK and "cheap" is not a good word a brand wants it's name related to.

The AUS version was very stiff in the beginning too, so I'll guess it may loosen up.