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Trailer Park Boys Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeAir DateEpisode Name
1Freedom 45?
2You Want Lot Fees, Suck Them Out of the Tip of My Cock
3A Three Tiered Shit Dyke
4Shit Covered Cave Teeth
5If You Don't Believe It, It's Not Real
6All the Fucking Dope You Can Smoke!
7Up In Smoke We Go
8The Super Bling Cowboy
9Thugged Out Gangsta Shit
10Looks Like the Liquor Wins
SpecialPodcast Episode 9 - High as Fuck in Amsterdam
SpecialPodcast Episode 10 - Esa Tikkanen
SpecialPodcast Episode 11 - Blue Jays and Mr. Preparation H
SpecialPodcast Episode 12 - Handgun Pillows and Moon Piss
SpecialPodcast Episode 13 - Were You Born F**ked, Randy?
SpecialPodcast Episode 14 - I'm a French-Mexican Superhero Disguised as a Hotdog
SpecialPodcast Episode 15 - Canadian Sniper
SpecialPodcast Episode 16 - Hi There, I'm Lampy Lamp
SpecialPodcast Episode 17 - Carrot Top's Fuck Den
SpecialPodcast Episode 18 - Julian's Drunk Facts
SpecialPodcast Episode 19 - Live from New York City
SpecialPodcast Episode 20 - Dopeless & Buzzonless in Boston
SpecialPodcast Episode 21 - Christmas Podca$h
SpecialPodcast Episode 22 - The Fucking Year in Review
SpecialPodcast Episode 23 - New Year's Regulations
SpecialPodcast Episode 24 - Shit People Shouldn't Get Teached
SpecialPodcast Episode 25 - Let's Dance
SpecialPodcast Episode 26 - Vincent van GoPro
SpecialPodcast Episode 27 - Adam Baldwin
SpecialPodcast Episode 28 - Hello? Hello? Hello? FACK!!!
SpecialDrunk, High and Unemployed: Live In Austin
SpecialPodcast Episode 29 - Ron Sexsmith
SpecialPodcast Episode 43 - Ricky's Googly Search
SpecialTPB11 On Set Part 2 - Decent Idea
SpecialTPB11 On Set Part 3 - It's Just a Board with Wheels on It
SpecialTPB11 On Set Part 4 - Ask Me Fucking Anything: Ricky Toke 1
SpecialTPB11 On Set Part 5 - Ask Me Fucking Anything: Ricky Toke 2
SpecialTPB11 On Set Part 6 - Ask Me Fucking Anything: Ricky Toke 3
SpecialTPB11 On Set Part 7 - Ask Me Fucking Anything: Lahey Part 1
SpecialTPB11 On Set Part 8 - Ask Me Fucking Anything: Lahey Part 2
SpecialTPB11 On Set Part 9 - Ask Me Fucking Anything: Bubbles Part 1
SpecialPodcast Episode 51 - Randy Hitchhiked on Anus Road
Trailer Park Boys
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Trailer Park Boys

Trailer Park Boys is a series about love, friends and family - or perhaps it's about everything that can go wrong with love, friends and family. At the centre of Trailer Park Boys are Ricky and Julian, two guys whose lives were shaped by their experiences growing up in the Trailer Park.

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Aired on:


25 min.



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4.3/5 (23 ratings)

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