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UFO Robot Grendizer Season 1 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Brothers of the Universe
2Prince of the Other World
3The Tragic Fiesta
4The Island of Fear
5The Pitfall of Death
6Attack on Perlepolis
7The Feast of the Wolves
8The Radars Are Off
9The Black Moon Camp
10Vega's Spy
11The Day When the Sun Will Stop
12Blood on Snow
13By Iron and by Fire
14The Day of the Rising Sun
15Red Akerae
16The Fiancé of Death
17The Infernal Ride
18The New Time of the Caves
19The Crushed Town
20Earth in Danger
21The Submerged Continents
22The Slayers of the Sky
23The Flood of the New Worlds
24The Enforcer
25Fleed's Lovers
26The Edges of the Abyss
27Win or Perish
28The New Masters of Darkness
29The Fire Bird
30The Lightning Rock
31A Dreamer from Outer-Space
32The Ghost Queen
33The Wings of Death
34The Mercenary of Oppression
35The First Raid
36The Invincible Cosmos
37The Patrol of Eagles
38A Star Is Dead
39Darkness Makers
40The Awakening of Volcanoes
41Baptism of Fire
42Peril in Abode
43The Victory of Eagles
44When Dogs Are Loosened
45Ants and Men
46The Ballet of Sharks
47The Ignited Lake
48World in Fusion
49The Last Survivor
50The Four-Headed Eagle
51The Black Star
52The Generation of Monsters
53The Beast
54The Snake
55The Loch Ness Monster
56The Lynx of Outer-Space
57The Monster and the Child
58The Lookalike
59The Commando
63The Polar Bear
645 Minutes to Die
65A Great Between the Greats
66Death Comes from the Sea
67Diving Operation
68The Great Pain
69Like Father, Like Son
70The Imposter
71Best Friend
72Princess in Love
73For the Love of Earth
74This Is Not Goodbye