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Poppy Montgomery stars as a NYPD detective who has the ability to remember everything.

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Aired on:
45 min.
3.39/5 (18 ratings)
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Subtitles, Mistakes


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as Det. Carrie Wells
as Lt. Al Burns
as Joanne Webster
as Eliot Delson
as Cherie Rollins-Murray
as Det. Roe Saunders
as Det. Mike Costello
as Det. Nina Inara


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by posted
'Unforgettable' To Be Resurrected Again With Season 4 Order At A&E"

by posted
okay. i got my answer :P Thanks
by posted
IMDB lists episodes 8-13 as airing between January 1 and Feb 20th. CBS made that deal with a European network that broadcast them in English (in Portugal for sure, can't confirm other countries). In Latin America there was apparently a dubbed (into Spanish) version.

Odd that they would not air them in the US, at least via streaming services. That's some income. Maybe CBS is still negotiating a US release deal.
by posted
They aired outside the US.
by posted
Looks like it got removed from the schedules in the US. Looking at the logos these have been broadcast in a Spanish speaking country with the original English dialogue.
by posted
My sickbeard just downloadet EP8 to 13.. can anyone tell me why those eps are available when all places says there only are 7 eps?
by posted
S02E07 is the last one showing as broadcast on TVrage but episodes 8-10 are available if anyone is interested
by posted
by posted
It was a well done show about a female detective who had a rare condition where she never forgot anything (it's a real, but very rare, mental quirk).

A lot of people were surprised at its cancellation because it was doing well in its time slot. Apparently that eventually won a renewal. It's a cheap show to make, as its based in Queens New York (one of the four "boroughs" of New York City besides Manhattan, which most people think of NYC.) Actually, Queens is a very interesting place with a wide variety of cultures (over a hundred foreign languages spoken by over a million recent immigrants). Many of the new TV and movie production facilities built in NYC in the last two decades are in Queens. most of them on the East River, a few hundred meters from Manhattan.
by posted
HomerS said:
what show are we talking about again? i forgot :D