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Victoria Cast

as Queen Victoria
as Archibald Brodie
as Lord Alfred Paget
as Prince Albert
as Nancy Skerrett
as Charles Elmé Francatelli
as Lady Emma Portman
as Baroness Lehzen
as Prince Ernest / Duke of Coburg
as Harriet, Duchess of Sutherland
as Duchess of Kent
as Sir Robert Peel
as King Leopold
as Wilhelmina Coke
as Cleary
as Duchess of Buccleuch
as Mrs. Jenkins
as Duke of Wellington
as Edward Drummond
as Joseph Weld
as Princess Feodora
as Duchess Sophie of Monmouth
as Lord John Russell
as Lord Palmerston
as Lord Melbourne
as Duke Charles of Monmouth
as Abigail Turner
as Duke of Cumberland / King of Hanover
as Sir John Conroy
as King Louis Philippe
as King Louis Philippe
as Dr. Robert Traill
as Duke of Atholl
as Dr. John Snow
as Mr. Caine