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Tori Vega is an aspiring singer who attends a performing arts high school. She leads a normal life, but when her sister has a medical accident on the night of their school's annual talent showcase, she steps in and takes her place.

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Aired on:
Nick, US
30 min.
Created by:
3.48/5 (21 ratings)
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as Tori Vega
as André Harris
as Robbie Shapiro
as Jade West
as Cat Valentine
as Beck Oliver
as Trina Vega


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Latest comments

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by posted
Quinlan said:
because she liked the little dance routines.

I like little dance routines! :)

I think Victorious is probably less soapy, and more of a situation comedy. But, what's been bothering me lately is some disturbing tendencies to legitimise emergent malicious power structures in groups of people. Other shows may chose to actively lift forward and make people question the bad things, for example bullying or xenophobia, that we should really focus more on, but in Victorious.. sometimes.. those things are hidden away, or even utilised for cheap laughs. That makes me feel a bit sad, and I'm not sure I will watch the remaining seasons now.
by posted
Well... good... if you're an adolescent I suppose. It's kind of a late afternoon show I guess for 12-17.

And it has a really soap feel (that this american version if it's any close won't have obviously).

But the recipe looks similar. Some performing art school students (drama, dance, etc.) and all their little turmoils.

I saw some of it in french when my mother was watching it while working (she works at home) because she liked the little dance routines.

Don't think it's been dubbed in english.
by posted

I haven't seen it. Is it good?
by posted
by posted
Having seen the first season now, I'm troubled by some scenes that make me question the underlying assumptions and the worldview of the creators/characters. For the most part, it's fun and thoughtful, the Bird Scene had a good message for example, and some scenes are just also, well, special. But, if they are supposed to be role models for young people, they should tone down their disdain for the "losers". It is expected of Jade because she is after all an edgy meanie head, but Tori should rise above that! :/
by posted

A show about a kindhearted and well-intentioned singer/actress dealing with the problematic drama of everyday life in a performing arts school.