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What on Earth? Season 3 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Grand Canyon Treasure
2Mystery in the Outback
3Riddle in the Ruins
4Stonehenge of the Holy Land
5Did We Find Flight 370?
6Gateway to Eden
7Dagger of Tutankhamun
8Raiders of the Holy Lance
9The Swastika Conspiracy
10Inside El Chapo's Escape
11Ghost of Zorro
12Curse of the Sea Monster
13Strange Symbols in the Desert
14Bloody Secret of the Lost City
15Lost Empire of the Amazon
16Siberian Hell Pit
17Hunt for El Dorado
18Mystery of the Mummy Desert
19Forbidden Cities of the Maya
20The Curse of Merlin
SpecialMyths and Mysteries
SpecialHere Be Monsters
SpecialMystery of the Mummy Desert
SpecialInto the Unknown
SpecialSecrets and Lies
SpecialForbidden Places
SpecialBible's Greatest Secrets
SpecialCurses and Legends
SpecialStrangest Things
SpecialExpedition Truth
SpecialLost Worlds
SpecialDangerous Knowledge
SpecialUncharted Waters
SpecialScandal and Sin
SpecialJourneys to the Edge
SpecialForgotten and Unexplained
SpecialLast Secrets of the Nazis
SpecialWorld of Weird
SpecialOmens of Armageddon
SpecialDeadly Destinations
SpecialAmerica the Weird
SpecialRiddles and Relics
SpecialCurses of the Ancients