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What on Earth? Season 4 Episodes Guide and Summaries

EpisodeEpisode NameAir Date
1Dracula's Tomb
2Fountain of Youth Found?
3Mafia Ghost Ship
4Beasts of the Lost Jungle
5Mystery of Fang Forest
6Village of the Damned
7The Minotaur's Lair
8Lost City of Goliath
9Finding King Arthur
10Treasures of Valhalla
11Hitler's Lost Gold
12Temple of Blood
13North Korea's Forbidden Islands
14Cannibals in the Ghost City
15Curse of Medusa
16Nazi Stonehenge
17Hunting the Ark of the Covenant
18Forbidden City of Inca Gold
19Ghost Ship of Hell Island
20Mayan Armageddon: The New Evidence
SpecialDark Voyages
SpecialBibles Darkest Secrets
SpecialPeril at the Abyss
SpecialEgypt's Greatest Mysteries
SpecialHell on Earth
SpecialCriminal Pursuit
SpecialUnited States of Conspiracy
SpecialLies and Legends
SpecialLegends of the Lost Cities
SpecialExtreme Adventures
SpecialDangerous and Deadly
SpecialWicked Things
SpecialOdysseys to the Edge
SpecialInvestigation Unknown
SpecialDeclassified and Dangerous
SpecialChasing Conspiracies
SpecialQuest for Truth
SpecialMysteries and Monsters
SpecialDark Secrets
SpecialGhosts of the Nazis
SpecialForbbiden Knowledge
SpecialFreaks of Nature
SpecialNightmares on Earth
SpecialSins and Secrets
SpecialCurse of the Unknown
SpecialLethal Intelligence
SpecialDark Operations
SpecialSecret Histories
SpecialHere Be Curses
SpecialConspiracies That Kill
SpecialDeadly Treasure
SpecialMysteries From Beyond
SpecialWorld of Horror
SpecialFatal Enigmas
SpecialForbidden Fortunes
SpecialApocalypse Earth
SpecialDeadly Secrets
SpecialEpisode 18
SpecialAliens on Earth
SpecialMonsters and Myths
SpecialRelics of Doom
SpecialEpisode 22
SpecialEpisode 23
SpecialGhosts of Conspiracy
SpecialHunting Monsters
SpecialAlien Planet
SpecialDark Treasure
SpecialDangerous Planet
SpecialArmageddon Rising
SpecialOmens of Doom